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Issue 9 - Spring 2006
Journal of the
"Ontology on the go!"

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Issue 9 - Spring 2006

Table of Contents

Forget the Editoral. Please enjoy J LHLS 9 - The Fiction Issue!

Late one night, driving cross-country, my friend and I stopped at a campsite in Lake Anita, Iowa. The attendant had already fallen asleep, so we drove our station wagon slowly over the gravel drive, past the admission gate, and up a winding road to a hill overlooking miles of low, dark countryside.
Lake Anita
By Allison Burnett

Five months after graduating from college, Andrew and I were frozen in our lives of unemployment. Our windfall high-paying summer internships had not led to permanent jobs as we'd hoped and the money we'd saved on the off chance that we'd be unemployed was beginning to run out.
Wanted: Hunter and Gatherer
By Jessica Groper

Janice decided one day to become a heroine, since that was what Nancy Drew was. She went for a long walk around her town and looked for mysteries to solve or people to help, but there really wasn't much to do. So she went home again then just decided to just be herself. Little did she know.
More Minimalist Fiction
By Marlene Taylor

Chaînés - Chains, links. A series of rapid turns done in a straight line or circle.
French For Dancers
By Jessica Groper

This excerpt is from an unfinished fantasy novel, "Mara Sonnedragon," set on an alternate-history medieval Earth. Mara is the only daughter and heir of the Grand Duke of Noreland, and therefore titled Prince in spite of her gender. She is also the leader of the Shieldmaids, a quasi-religious group of women warriors, but unlike many of her fellow Shieldmaids, has not yet received a vision of the talisman beast that will serve as her battle symbol and personal spirit-guide.
Mara and the Dragon
By Kathryn L. Ramage

Stefan Kline lay in bed naked, his arms behind his head, staring at the ceiling. Projected on the wavy and crumbling surface were images of perfection. He was not one to gloat, but he felt he had every right to, because that morning he had decided that his evening would be perfect and it had been. Never before had he felt so secure in the power of his will.
The Ring
By Allison Burnett

"Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow" is a chapter from "Promised Land", a work-in-progress fictive biography of Bill Clinton set in the twenty-four hours before he has tell Hillary about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.
Don't Stop Thinkin' About Tomorrow
By Kitty Johnson

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