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Issue 1 - Summer 2003

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If the French Revolution had really succeeded, this month would be Thermidor, as renamed by the poet, Fabre d'Eglantine, in 1792, which then became the Year I.

June, 2003: Recently the fifth book in JK Rowling's "Harry Potter" franchise was been released, after much fanfare by its publisher and much anticipation by its target market of young readers in roughly the 9-13 age group.
Rowling in Dough
By Ellen Bauerle

By the time that Jessica tipped her chair back and yelled, "Rick! Make us some coffee!" we'd been sitting in our chairs for hours.
Coffee for the Marrieds
By Amy Qualls-McClure

It is late in Beethoven's Ninth.
Dual Emergence
By Geoff Fernald

The Anglican church in the UK, if not worldwide, is reportedly about to be riven by the decision of the Bishop of Oxford to appoint an avowed homosexual to be the Bishop of Reading.
By Jane Seaton

The nurse, an angel
Haiku Reflections From a Hospital Bed
By Robert Dean Tribble

Sight has always been my most reassuring sense.
What I See
By Carol Colin

Out of the house into the garden I go I stop, stunned.
On First Seeing My Garden After a Month in The Hospital
By Robert Dean Tribble

While it is rumored that there are no longer any consequences to HIV infection, e.g. AIDS is "cured", this is by no means accurate.
HIV IS CURED! Fact or Fiction?
By Kathleen E. Rodgers

Well, we can start telling gay men that they don't exist in an alternate moral universe, where anything that a gay man wants to do in the sack, however self- or other-destructive, is his right.
An Interview with Dan Savage
By Ginger Mayerson and Laurel Sutton

It is just air moving,
The Santa Anas
By Mick Harrigan

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Well, we can start telling gay men that they don't exist in an alternate moral universe, where anything that a gay man wants to do in the sack, however self- or other-destructive, is his right. An Interview with Dan Savage

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