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Issue 2 - Winter 2003

Table of Contents

Ah, Brumaire already. How time flies when you're over forty.

The proceeding was an excerpt from "Beowulf", a 5th century epic poem and some of the only direct evidence we have of the work of the scop.
Coming of the Quake Clans: Return of the Scop?
By Kelly S. Taylor

Nightfall at the Corner of Hoover and Adams
By William Benson

In most parts of the country summer starts on Memorial Day. Here in Wilmington it really starts with the Flower Market.
Rain and Roses
By Lynn Loper

At fifty-nine we are sorting items in our rental home;
Unessential Ingredients
By Geoff Fernald

The Flash Mob was one of the first technology-driven fads of the early twenty-first century.
Dispersed Flash Mobs: A History
By Tom Good

Before we can sow the wheat,
By the Ear of the Mule
By Robert Dean Tribble

No one in the family knows how Johnny's burial was arranged. The fact is, we didn't know he had died until eight years after the fact.
By Erik M. Stevens

California back road,
By Geoff Fernald

I recently had an argument with a friend (my head) over the film "Head". As this argument progressed to an unfulfilling climax, I soon realized that my friend understood none of the film.
It's in Your Head (Part 1)
By Donatella DelBono

I'm a lifelong journalist. I think everyone is immoral.
An Interview with John Bloom
By Ginger Mayerson and Laurel Sutton

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"A lot of on-line comics have very involved storylines, and even though the archive is online, it is faster to flip open a book and read than plow through an electronic archive." An interview with David Allen of Plan 9 Publishing

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"Anyone who has kids knows the answer: It's nature. Nurture isn't even in second place. Parents can of course have a negative impact, in obvious ways, but everything else is cellular. My daughters are amazing adults and I love them without reserve, but that's not because of anything I did. Oh, wait, I made sure they listened to lots of Van Morrison." An interview with Jon Carroll, San Francisco Chronicle columnist

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"It sounds good, but like lots of those clever sayings, it probably bottoms out in practice. And yes, I think approximately 48.25% of us deserve the current administration. An interview with Mike Nelson of Mystery Science 3000

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I'm a lifelong journalist. I think everyone is immoral. An Interview with John Bloom


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