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Issue 3 - Spring 2004
Journal of the
"Ontology on the go!"

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Issue 3 - Spring 2004

Table of Contents

If I had an editorial for Issue 3 of J LHLS, it would be about the lack of an editorial for Issue 3 of J LHLS, so why not cut all our loses this issue and just skip it?

Although Edward Frederick (E.F.) Benson wrote over 70 novels as well as a number of biographies, ghost stories, and other works of fiction and non-fiction, he is best remembered today for his six novels chronicling the social squabbles and adventures of two middle-aged ladies, Elizabeth Mapp and Emmeline Lucas (known as "Lucia" to her friends).
Explorations in Rye: Searching for Miss Mapp
By Kathryn L. Ramage

For the past several years J. F. Elouardio has been quietly absent from the L. A. art world. His last exhibit - "Silence of the Hummers", at Pacemaker/Sho [April 1994] - received notice in the local press although its uncanny prescience could hardly have been recognized at that time.
A Visit with J.F. Elouardio
By Maxwell Maxfield

Low afternoon sun between perfected orchard rows
Orchard Two
By Geoff Fernald

The pain didn't show itself at first, slicing through the bread, the knife blade found my left pointer finger with ease and finished the job quickly.
By Kathy LaFollett

Last night I saw the moon and Mars.
The Moon Asks a Tough Question
By Mick Harrigan

My word, this THEATER is awfully CROWDED. Could you scooch just over a little bit? Say, I wonder what would happen if I happened to yell FIRE!!!!!!!!
Don't Panic!
By Kitty Johnson

Just before dinner seating
Two-Loon Blessing
By Geoff Fernald

Since this scene establishes the structure of the film, it has already been discussed in length in Part I. So in fear of redundancy, I'm not going to add much more.
It's in Your Head (Part 2)
By Donatella DelBono

I can't begin to tell you all
These Poets
By Mick Harrigan

Pibgorn, by Brooke McEldowney, is probably the best illustration of the power and freedom a webcomic offers a good artist. It's got sex, violence, religion, the supernatural, pin-ups, naked flying babes, sci-fi, long and complex story arcs, and, lately, a Noir voice in the narration.
Naked Flying Babes
By Ginger Mayerson

I'm just white-knuckling it with the muse.
An Interview with Brooke McEldowney
By Ginger Mayerson

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