Issue 8 - Winter 2005
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Issue 8 - Winter 2005

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Gardening, literature, porn, comics...

I really want my garden to look like the pictures in the catalog.
The Noble Nature
By Lynn Loper

For one thing, she didn't like to be hot, and the time when gardens in Delaware need the most attention is in July and August, when the temperatures run around 90F and the humidity around 100F.
My Mother Hated Gardening
By Lynn Loper

A look at moral perspectives in the various film and TV versions of The Forsyte Saga
Autres Forsytes, Autres Mores
By Kathryn L. Ramage

Last fall, my students were doubly pleased when I made a connection between Berger's observations on oil painting and artwork generated using Poser, my 3D graphics obsession of choice.
Poser Nation
By Kelly S. Taylor

Like soap operas, superhero comics are a notoriously conservative genre, even despite the celebration of such innovative imaginations as Grant Morrison, Alan Moore, or Warren Ellis.
Tearing Down the House of Morrison
By Chad Denton

My super-heroes were Amazons -- Wonder Woman and Troia -- because of what they represented to me. Wonder Woman wanted more than anything else in the world for human beings to peacefully coexist with each other. I can think of no greater sentiment than that, and that's why she's my hero.
An Interview with Phil Jimenez
By Chad Denton

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