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03/03/2004 Archived Entry: "APE 2004 Swag Review: Deadly Artisans (prelude)"

2004 Alternative Press Expo Swag Review: Deadly Artisans

"A select group of top tier Government Officials meet in secrecy and decide what criminals are beyond due process." From the introduction.

Hm, I guess I watched too much "Dragnet" in my youth because I don't believe anyone is beyond due process. We have due process and habeas corpus (or had, US citizens Jose Padilla and Yaser Hamdi are still locked up without charges and have been for over a year) because sometimes the cops and/or feds grab the wrong person. It happens a lot and due process usually keeps the error rate in the reasonable zone, if you can get a lawyer who doesn't fall asleep at your trial.

But, oh okay! It's just a comic book with buffed-up, super-powered, homicidal main characters and lots of violence against (alleged) bad guys who futilely beg for their lives and forget to load their guns before they are slashed to bits in the name of Truth, Justice and the American way. Hey, who am I to rain on anyone's parade?
Deadly Artisans

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