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03/21/2004 Archived Entry: "My visit to Wizard World LA 2004"

Yes, I went to Wizard World Con today (Sun, March 21, 2004) and I'm sure the fanboys were wondering whose maiden aunt wandered into the wrong con.

Actually, it was great! And I spent time talking to publishers and artists who were glad to talk to someone closer to their own age, refreshing, in fact. Thank you very much to Jesse Schiller at Wizard World for the press passes for me and Gaming Editor, Ruben Sahagun.

I'm told that yesterday it was packed with over 7,000 attendees. I'm sure today was quieter, but there were still a lot of people in there. And I was only downstairs in the Comics section, I'm sure the Gamer section upstairs was jumpin', too.

Anyway, here are the very nice folks who gave us very nice work to review (look for in-depth reviews here in the near future):
REVIEWED Common Grounds 1, 2 and 3 (floppy comic book [color]).
REVIEWED No Honor (trade comic [color])
Midnight Nation (huge trade comic [color]) by J Michael Straczynski ("From the Creator of Babylon 5 and Rising Stars" is says on the cover).
REVIEWED Yu-Gi-Oh Collector Magazine, Neopets, the Official Magazine (I was very politely informed that elderly sophisticated women of a certain age, like myself, love Neopets. Good to know!), and the REVIEWED The Anime Collector Magazine.
Gone South (floppy comic book [bw]) Dixie vampires (I think), hey why not?
REVIEWED Ganglords of Chinatown (a slim and elegant trade comic [color, esp. red]) Violent and gory. But they do have a new title coming out called Fade from Grace that they assured me was romantic and pretty and that elderly sophisticated women of a certain age, like myself, would love it.
REVIEWED B.A.B.E. Force 1 and 2 (floppies [bw]) Satire, "This action comedy follows the adventures of an elite team of super spies as they try to go undercover in suburbia." Charlies' Angels meets Fast Times at Ridgemont High maybe.
REVIEWED Kabuki Metamorphosis (incredibly beautiful trade [color] signed by the artist who is very nice to talk to) I've read a few Kabuki floppies and think they are just the cat's pajamas. "Layers of intrigue and hidden agenda are matched by the layers of graphic invention -- pen and ink, collage, watercolor -- while western psychoanalytic theory coexists with the fatalism of the Japanese ghost story." John Sayles. It's really pretty, too, and every page is beautifully composed and subtly colored. That's not a review, it's just a teaser.
REVIEWED Buzzboy. Monsters, Dreams & Milkshakes. "The World's Most Upbeat Super Hero" "Featuring Monkeys and Wienerdogs!" (trade comic [bw]) Looks kind of fun.
REVIEWED Me and Edith Head (mini comic [bw]) Really really good drawing and story.
REVIEWED Stupid Comics (floppy [bw]) by Jim Mahfood.
REVIEWED Alice (small trade [bw]) by Lela Dowling. Retelling "Alice in Wonderland" in sequential art. Clever drawing, kind of like "For better or for worse" but edgier and that's still not right, but the best I can do right now. The Cheshire Cat is a riot. And we all know the story.
REVIEWED And, last, but hardly least, Teddy Scares (scary teddy bears [I'm not making this up], they are very cool).

Look for reviews of these fine publication on this blog in the near future!

There might be a few things on this list left to review after the J LHLS reviewers have had their way with it. Please contact me at J LHLS, if you'd be interested in reviewing any of it, thanks.

And now I must recover from my day. Comics - they wear a woman out.

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