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04/02/2004 Archived Entry: "Comic review: Common Grounds Issues 1 -3 By Chris Husmann"

Common Grounds, #1-3
Publisher: Top Cow

Reviewed by Chris Husmann (Posted by Kathy LaFollett)


A chain of restaurants (known as "Common Grounds") attract some unique customers. These customers are all super heroes and super villains. All of them with different powers, costumes, and history. These are their stories and adventures of how they become who they are and why they chose to become a hero (or villain.)


I had no idea what to expect when I first took a gander at these comics. I looked at the covers, flipped through some of the pages and then started off on page one for each of them. I have to say the Common Grounds comics are very original and very fresh. I havenít seen any other comic that reminds me of them. Each issue has two separate stories of different characters.

Common Grounds focuses more on the characters backgrounds. So if your one of those people who enjoys action and fighting in comic books then I donít think youíd find yourself enjoying this series very much. This series did just pick up so Iím sure that they will add more action later down the road.

The art in these comics is very well done. Only thing that I didnít like was that they had two different art styles. The first half of the comic seems to be drawn by the same artist. Where as the second half is totally different and resembles the art that of a Saturday morning cartoon (this goes for each issue!) Iím just not used to the artwork changing as I read on in a comic book.

The stories in these comics are ok. Iíd say they are above average. They just change the plot and move on to a different character throughout each comic. So the story isnít exactly stationary. Iím sure most of us are used to comics that focus on one main character and his/her counterparts throughout the whole series. So youíre in for a change if you read Common Grounds. I enjoyed reading these comics up until issue number three (the last issue thatís out I believe.) After reading the problems and history of six or more characters in the previous two issues with little or no action, it just got too repetitive for my taste.

The Verdict:

All in all this is a nice change from other comics. Itís original and fresh. I think they take the originality to far thoughÖ making it seem rather repetitive (as I stated before). If I had to give it a rating on a scale from one to ten Iíd give it a 6/10. Its nice and all but it could use some changes.

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