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04/05/2004 Archived Entry: "Magazine review: Yu-Gi-Oh!"

Yu-Gi-Oh Collector, #11
Publisher: Beckett

Reviewed by Kathy LaFollett

When Beckett described this publication as a guide to Yu-Gi-Oh cards, games, and other Anime Products, they were understating the facts.

Issue 11 featuring an embossed “Slifer” on the cover screams for attention. The binding, paper weight and glossy product will stand the test of time, and manhandling. One of the mandated features I look for is top notch 4 color printing. The print job has to live up to the graphics. As a publication Issue 11 is sharp and professional. Issue 11 is a keeper.

Beckett offers a veritable smorgasbord of Yu-Gi-Oh pricing, collecting, buying, selling, celebration, sharing, game play training, and URLs supporting more of the same.

If you have a Yu-Gi-Oh collector in the house, they will spend hours inside this publication.

The Price Guide bestows up to date information as to the dollar value of these mighty collectable dueling cards. Your YGO collector may be a very wealthy person as well as powerful at the card table. The price guide also allows buyers to see where to put their investment monies. (Are you getting this Grandma and Grandpa?)

Yu-Gi-Oh Episode Reviews keep the avid fan up to date on the happenings of their favorite characters, as well as filter out episodes that aren’t worthy of taking time away from dueling with friends.

A PC Game review gives a fair and balanced overview of the latest software YGO gaming has to offer. Does one go digital and leave the traditional cards on the table? Only the true YGO Master knows.

Background articles and insights to new characters help weave the YGO tale and the intricacies of their inked lives. To date, Slifer the Sky Dragon, one of three Egyptian God cards, is the favorite of duelers and collectors. YGO is translated to English from the Japanese format and at times the translation process looses the intent of the Japanese writers and artists. These types of articles help to clarify intent toward the powers and personalities of key YGO entities.

Coming Attractions opens the window to new toys and novelties of the industry. Collectors and fanatics will appreciate the edge to availability without having to travel to a Comic Con miles away.

The Best of the Best covers in detail the top 100 cards to date. Compiled from the North American Continents most avid players this list proffers those cards most sought and used within the card dueling of YGO. (That’s another shopping list Grandma and Grandpa)

Much like Fantasy Football, Beckett offers an in depth Ultimate Fantasy Duel List. Here you can find deck structures, plans, strategy, and risk management that General Sun Tzu would admire.

Ask the Yu-Gi-Oh Master offers Yoda-like instruction. All the questions come from readers. If your YGO fanatic is yearning for higher knowledge and power, he can email the YGO master directly!

My personal favorite section is the Yu-Gi-Oh Gallery. Readers and fans can mail in, or email in their personal fan art for sharing and publication.

To simply state that this publication is a guide to Yu-Gi-Oh cards, games, and other Anime Products is akin to saying the ocean is a bit wet.

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