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05/03/2004 Archived Entry: "Comics Review: Schadenfreude!"

Karl Christian
A Drunken TiKi Production

Review by Kathy LaFollett

There are some things in life, death and long lines that cannot be explained, Schadenfreud! is one of those things.

I am convinced, after reading this three times, that the author and artist(s) had a very hard time finishing this work; simply because I had a hard time finishing reading it. I giggled myself into a state of blurred vision consistently.

This is quirky, and acidic in point. A comic derived straight from the DNA Chain of a Hybrid SmartAss.

Monty Pyton meets Ren and Stimpy but without the control.

And to quote Mr Christian:

"I have to admit that this conversation has been an amusing and informative, if not horrifying, social experiment in cultural breeding activities. I can honestly say that I'm going to remember you, Lord Byron, for quite a long long time. Few have gone to the level in which you exist at. I'm as impressed with you as much as someone completely unimpressed, yet still impressed, can be."

Ah yes such is the aftertaste of Schadenfreude!

Personally, I'm addicted already.

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