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07/10/2004 Archived Entry: "Graphic novel review: Y, the Last Man"

Y, The Last Man, Trades 1-3
Publisher: DC Comics

Reviewed by Kathy LaFollett

"Itís the Women, Y.Ē

I highly recommend you read Gingerís excellent review along with mine of this series. Y All the Misogyny in "Y, The Last Man"?

I love roller coasters. I love them because I KNOW they will scare me, I KNOW they will make me feel like Iím going to drop out of the sky, I KNOW they are faster than I like to go, I KNOW they are loopier and zigzaggier than I like to go, and most of all I KNOW itís just a ride that was built specifically for that purpose and the feelings are real, but the outcome will never be; My death from riding one.

And so it is with ďY, The Last ManĒ.

The series isnít about Yorick but rather a female society left with no other way to continue the race outside of the hiccup found in the middle of the plague; Yorick. He didnít die, and neither did his monkey, Ampersand. Y, you ask? We arenít told by the end of issue 3; bummer, too, because I have some ideas and thoughts to the matter. But I digress.

There is a Mad Max current running through this series, and I LIKE IT; ALOT. The edge could be construed as misogyny, but I choose to not see it that way, but to take it for what it is, male writers given a budget and talent to create this series. Screw it. I donít take men too seriously, Iím not going to take one of their publications too seriously either. Iíve chosen to roll with it, and itís a GREAT ride.

I dated a guy like Yorick back in High School. Always walked around with a half smirk on his face, like he knew something no one else in the world knew. A dry humor wrapped in a nice package. He had an unusual talent as well; he was a self proclaimed actor. Our Yorick, is a self proclaimed escape artist and magician. This comes in handy at times when different groups of women try to tie him up, handcuff him, or lock him up. He wonít stay put, and they are relentless in pursuit. Which now that I come to think of it, is and always will be a general wet dream of young men; women chasing and wanting them 24/7. But I digress.

Yorick has mommy issues. Mommy is Hillary Clinton (or a reasonable facsimile thereof,) and offers little to no mothering type of love. Yorick has a sister who turns rather angst after the death of all the men. She doesnít realize Yorick made it through the male die-off and actually hunts him down not knowing the ďheĒ is HIM until itís a bit too late. She seems to have serious issues about herself and her own worth in a pre and post male die-off world. She ends up joining an interesting troupe of gals post male die-off and works hard to earn her way to Number 2 status.

Ampersand is a monkey Yorick had adopted and volunteered to train to help physically handicapped people. He is now also Yorickís pet and fellow Y Chromosome survivor. Forget the fact that laymen cannot train monkeyís for that type of life work. He did it because heís underemployed and bored. I know A LOT of young men who adopt and train monkeys when they are bored. They are all monkey lovers, and they all spank their monkey. But see, thatís the beauty of ďY, the Last Man.Ē. The nonsensical nature of linear thought and outline demands the reader acknowledge that the series is off the wall and totally GRAPHIC NOVELÖnovel. Itís quirky, silly, presumptuous, sexy, ugly, vile, demanding, funny, well written, funky, macabre, sentimental, irreverent, stupid, smart, and artistically outstanding pulp fiction!

ĒY, the Last ManĒ is everything a comic book is supposed to be, and nothing like the real world WOULD be. And damnit, as a highly educated, strong, male loving female, I LOVE THIS SERIES.

Iím not sure if Iíll see the movie; probably not. I do NOT want to take visuals from a movie through the series as I read it. I want the art to support the copy to support the story. I donít need some Hollywood intrusion on my mindís eye. I will collect this series for my personal library, and am VERY much looking forward to #4. I was honestly let down when I came to the end of #3 knowing there was no more.

Iíve been waiting for a series like this for the last 10 years. YorickÖI luv ya, man.

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