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08/01/2004 Archived Entry: "Book review: Post Office"

Post Office
A Novel By Charles Bukowski
Published by Ecco Press

A review (of sorts) by Ginger Mayerson

Henry Chinaski is the spiritual father of Customers Suck.

From Part One:

I caught all this a she rushed at me. I was sliding the registered letter back into the pouch.
She screamed, "Give me my letter!"
She grabbed the letter and ran to the door, opened it and ran in.
God damn! You couldn't come back without either the registered letter or a signature! You even had to sign in and out with the things.
"HEY!" I went after her and jammed my foot into the door just in time.
"Go away! Go away! You're an evil man!"
"Look, lady! You've got to sign for that letter! I can't let you have it that way! You are robbing the United States mails!"
"Go away, evil man!
I put all my weight against the door and pushed into the room. It was dark in there. All the shades in the house were down.
"Either give me the letter back or sign for it." ... I showed her where to sign.
She handed back the pen... Then she was in front of the door, arms spread across. The letter was on the floor. "Evil evil evil man! You came here to rape me!"
"Look lady, let me by." With one hand I tried to push her aside. She clawed one side of my face, good. I dropped my bag, my cap fell off, and as I held a handkerchief to the blood she came up and raked the other side. (pg 37)

So the next time you're having a bad day with a customer, I want you think of old Henry Chinaski and ask yourself: What would Hank do?

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