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08/20/2004 Archived Entry: "Indy Comic Review: Bikini Automatic"

Bikini Automatic #4
By Ken Wright. However, a very nice lady who looked a lot like Bikini Automatic, now that I'm thinking about it (hmmmm), gave me a review copy of #4 and we here at J LHLS World Headquarters are very very much obliged. I'm hooked; they ought to do a subscription thingy.

A review (if you will) by Ginger Mayerson

Okay, I don't have a TV, but sometimes I end up in the vicinity of one and last night it was at Toyota of Glendale whose service shop is open 7AM to Midnight. Not to worry, it was just an oil change, but being able to get an oil change late at night is more fun than during the day, honest. Anyway, they had a TV in the waiting area and, lo and behold, the Olympics are on: Olympic Women's Beach Volleyball. USA vs the Czech Republic, which, though landlocked, put up a helluva fight. I also thought those willowy Czech volleyball sirens wore their bikinis better than our girls; our girls were on the brawny side, if you ask me. And although Greece has plenty of coastline, this match was, yes, on sand but in a sports arena, causing me to wonder if it's not at the beach, why must they wear bikinis? Why? Why not tops and shorts or sweats or leotards or something more comfortable-looking? Answers are welcome in the comments below.

Why do I mention all this? Well, it reminded me that I have a copy of Bikini Automatic #4 to review! Yay! Bikini Automatic is adorable and if you can get a copy of this comic, do so! You will smile and your friends will marvel at your complete and utter good taste and all around cool in the indy comic realm.

In this fearless episode, Bikini thinks she has the Banana Bob situation under control and goes on a pro surfing tour. But the minute she turns her bikini-clad back, he makes a daring (okay, whatever) jail break and runs amok naked. Well, of course this wrecks Bikini's vacation and the rest of the comic hinges on this so I won't ruin it for you by giving anything else away except to say nobody plays volleyball.

And while I'm at it, here's a link to something to listen to while you're reading "Bikini Automatic" - a sample of "Bikini Girls With Machine Guns" or get the whole thing on the free trial at (I'm very tempted by this. Somehow a Cramps cover of "Jailhouse Rock" seems like something not to be missed in this life.)

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