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08/20/2004 Archived Entry: "WANTED - Death Row Edition #1"

WANTED-Death Row Edition #1
Mark Millar and J.G. Jones and Paul Mounts
Presented by:MillarWorld
Produced by:Top Cow Productions, Inc.
Visit the fine folks at Image Comics

Reveiw by Kathy LaFollett

Let’s get one thing straight, Top Cow RULES. I’m at the point now where I don’t look at covers or names or titles first, I look for that familiar udder-in-space logo, and I know it’s a home run. I KNOW I will love that publication.

And so we are greeted by a cover of simple hardcore comic art, and we turn the page to find our outline of things to come; and I quote:

“WANTED: Wesley Gibson leads the life of a quiet desperation. His dead-end job numbs him, his girlfriend cheats on him, and his hypochondrium convinces him he has every disease from cancer to the common cold. His world is the depth of dismay.”

Let’s stop here and visit the writing and art that express this depth of despair within the first 10 pages. In-your-face-no-bullshit-big-dog-top-cow-rollercoaster-make-you-nauseous comic production that screams in your face, “Bring it!”

Top Cow RULES.

“But there is another world; one buried just inches below what Wesley thinks is his life. What happens when the scales fall from your eyes and the real clockwork of the world is laid bare? What happens when you’re Wesley Gibson, one minute the most downtrodden wretch the world has ever seen and the next…you’re Wanted?”

Read that passage again. The remaining pages of Issue 1 of Wanted takes those words and lays them out in such a visual presentation that you will NOT put this comic down until you’ve finished it. And when you have finished it, you’ll reread the whole issue because you don’t have Issue 2 to satisfy the gapping comic lust left behind in Issue 1.

Top Cow RULES. “Wanted” is now on my mandatory reading list and I vow I will own the whole series intact. “Wanted” steps up to bat and hits a home run without breaking a bloody sweat.

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