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09/03/2004 Archived Entry: "Star Trek - Book 6 - A Time To Hate"

A Time to Hate
Star Trek - Book 6

By: Robert Greenberger
Published by: Pocket Books (a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.)
*available as a downloadable eBook!

Review by Kathy LaFollett

Book 6’s opening salvo is the tale of Will Riker as a young boy about to embark on a fishing trip with his father Kyle. The short tale reveals disdain and frustration on the part of “Willy” toward his father. His father likewise can only offer shallow cold and controlling parental input, relying on assumed knowledge by the mere act of taking his son fishing. The reader can almost hear Kyle’s thoughts as simply, “I’m taking you fishing, son, doesn’t that prove I care?” Their relationship is defined as uncomfortable at best.

Fade scene and open to current timeline to find Christine Vale attempting to organize some sort of security plan to answer for the escalating violence and chaos taking over the planet of Delta Sigma IV. She will find her attempts at times futile with lose of life and many injuries sustained by both security and volunteer staff beamed down to Delta Sigma IV.

Picard throughout the book is left to little end except to stay near the Council meeting halls, which have been separated between Dorset and Badar.

Meanwhile, Will and Kyle Riker continue their chase of the missing El Bison El, who committed the planet’s first murder. All the while Kyle exerts control and parental handling of Will which gives further insight that the more things change the more they stay the same.

Finally all eyes and hope rest on the shoulders of Dr. Crusher who with determination, no sleep, and inconsistent replicated soup chases after the chemical and medical answer to the problem first realized by Kyle Riker and the Federation.

But, we find, it isn’t a mistake, this violent vs. peaceful state of being. We find that the Federation has, through Kyle Riker located a new weapon that would be handily used if another war such as the Dominion War should occur; a drug that leaves the enemy flaccid, peaceful and lost to the idea of fighting.

Ultimately the story reads long and fast with murders, arson, rioting, assaults, phaser-fire,
hatred, racism, and malcontent between the Badar and Dorset races. It is at times a pulsating read wherein, you just beg in your heart for the Enterprise to zap the planet and move on. But of course, this is not the Federation Way, and Picard as always chooses the high road in humanism. And so the only objective that remains for all is to “maintain” a semblance of peace while all wait for Beverly Crusher to offer up the solution.

There is also an additional problem being handled by LaForge. The Dominion War has depleted supplies throughout the Federation and as parts fail and need replacing the Enterprise is faced with finding a means to locate and obtain these items. Human ingenuity runs rampant throughout the book as crew members face and solve a myriad of challenges onboard and on Delta Sigma IV.

LaForge obtains the assistance of a Ferengi named Dex who travels between Starships much like a DHL delivery guy delivering and swapping necessary items of need. By book’s end LaForge becomes Quartermaster of the Quadrant with the help of Dex as driver. It’s a refreshing point of view, to see the Federation and its lead Starship face real life issues. Normally one is under the assumption that The Federation has endless money, supplies, people and perfect policies. Through the series we are given the view that these assumptions are not true, and that even The Federation has problems with simple matters of replacement parts. This multilevel storyline added a great touch of reality.

The ending is a great culmination of believable storylines. I enjoyed the book thoroughly.

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