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09/03/2004 Archived Entry: "Star Trek Book 1 - A Time to Be Born"

A Time to Be Born
Star Trek - Book 1

By: John Vornholt
Published by: Pocket Books (a Division of Simon and Schuster, Inc.)
Available as a downloadable eBook!

Reviewed by Kathy LaFollett

Book 1: an introduction to advanced physics and the turning point of Picard's career as he once knew it.

The Dominion War leaves a scar in space known as the Rashanar Sector. For all intents and purposes the site is a testament to the worst of the battles. It is a swirling mass of broken ships containing the crew members left behind after the battle. The graveyard is made up of anti-gravity, gravity, matter, antimatter, broken ships waiting to be pillaged, human and alien remains and somewhere in the midst of the macabre junkyard and cemetery floats a Nemesis of severe and unexplainable powers. To add to the physics of chaos the large number of varied warp drives through out the region has severely distorted the space-time continuum leaving behind lethal energy fluxes and extreme gravitational anomalies.

The Juno, another Starship of the Federation has been set to task. She and her crew are to guard the Federation ships left behind and at the same time board and remove the remains of all crews lost to the battles. To the Federation and some races, the battleground is hallowed space, but to others including the Androssi, it is a salvage site and scavengerís dream.

Picard and the Enterprise are sent to assist the Juno in their goals.

The book itself is an excellent introduction to the multiple storylines to be written through the series. The introduction and background writing to the crew members and their personal lives is well written and intriguing.

The plot of the Rashanar Sector forebodes the political, environment, emotional and human entanglements and long term effects of a bad assignment gone ugly.

Vornholt has created an opening scene with superb skill. The reader will be left wanting the Book 2 at their fingertips.

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