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09/18/2004 Archived Entry: "Stryke Force Vol 2, #1"

Stryke Force
Vol 2, Issue 1, May 2004
TopCow Productions
Writer: Jay Faerber; Pencil: Tyler Kirkham; Ink: Marlo Alquiza; Colors: Brian Buccellato
Release Date: April 7, 2004
"A Top Cow classic superhero series returns, updated and re-energized for the 21st century! Morgan Stryker leads a new team of outlaw heroes-for-hire on dangerous missions around the world, always staying one step ahead of the law. In their first adventure, the Strykeforce team is hired by a recently widowed woman whose young son has mysteriously vanished…."
Pages: 32

Reviewed by Laurel Sutton

Rant mode: On!

First, let me tell you that you can get the whole comic online at the Top Cow site, if you have a high-speed connection and Flash installed. Please refer to the description above for a plot summary. (I'd link to the exact page, but the whole TC site is in fucking Java and I can't.) I laboriously captured and edited these images for you, so that you'd have something to look at while I ranted. Here is my version of the conversation between the Writer and the Artist as they created the "new team of outlaw heroes-for-hire":

W: OK, those are the male characters. Now we need some women.
A: Yeah. Do they have to wear clothes?
W: Hmm. We need to give them super powers. And they can't be fat or ugly. Let's see, one can be like a martial arts chick and have swords-
A: Great! Drawing women with knives is so cool. You can pose them like Barbies.
W: - and the other….WAIT! GET THIS! The other one will be INVISIBLE!
A: Why is that great? Sue Storm was invisible and she wasn't so hot.
W: She was when Kirby drew her. Listen, you know how when people are invisible, their clothes are invisible too? And like that doesn't make any sense? Well, this time it'll make sense because -
A & W: - SHE'LL BE NAKED! Yeee-haw!
A: This is like a dream come true. Let's make her blond.
W: With pigtails!
A: And a lollipop! Here, what do you think?
W: Wow, that's really…really… wait, I'll be right back.
[10 minutes later]
W: Sorry. Like I was saying, that's so cool. She's like young and nubile and totally unthreatening, even if she is a superhero.
A: Here, this is the other one, the not-blond.
W: Make her tits bigger.
A: There.
W: Bigger.
A: There.
W: Bigger!
W: No, too big! Go down one cup size. That's better. And make her skinnier. She should look like a broomstick with soccer balls. And make her outfit skimpier. She should be essentially naked.
A: High heels?
W: Of course.
A: How's that? I made her tits and ass be right up front, even though there's no reason to focus on them.
W: That's really…really…wait, I'll be right back.
[15 minutes later]
W: Sorry. These are excellent. You so rock, dude. No one draws tits like you.
A: Thanks. Do we have a plot?
W: Who cares? We have naked girls! And explosions!

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