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09/21/2004 Archived Entry: "Star Trek - Book 7 - A Time To Kill"

Star Trek: A Time to Kill (Book 7)
By David Mack
Published by Pocket Books (a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc.)
368 pages, $6.99
Available as a downloadable eBook!

Reviewd by Kathy LaFollett

There is a creepy familiarity in this book to current events. There seems to be a drawn reference to our current political and military goings-on. And I like it.

At the apex of the Dominion War and only known to a select few at the top innercircle of the Federation Command, the Federation secretly armed the neutral planet Tezwa with horrendous weapons of mass destruction. Created as a contigency plan against the Dominion if the front lines collapsed, the WMDs lay at the border of the Klingon Empire in direct violation of the fragile peace treaties between the Klingons and the Federation. The placement of the WMDs guarenteed final success at all costs, but also guarenteed scandal if the Klingons and other Federation members found out.

Tezwa's prime minister, hungry for power, if not a dictatorship, uses the WMDs as leverage against the supplying Federation as well as menacing his neighbors.

Sound familiar? Sure it does.

The Federation calls upon Captain Picard and the Enterprise crew to take on a "diplomatic mission", without revealing the full truth about the WMD origination point. Without that knowledge the Enterprise crew is put in the crossfire as the crisis quickly escalates amid the lies and deceptions of the Federation, Klingons, and the Tezwa Elite.

Sound familiar? Sure it does.

As time runs out to a full war between the Klingons and Tezwa, Ambassador Worf is asked to choose between his heritage, honor, and loyalty to Martok, Chancellor of the Klingon Empire and for all intents and purposes Worf's mentor and fatherlike friend, and his new role within the Federation.

Sound like a familiar political figure now? Sure it does.

Book 7 is an EXCELLENT read.A Time to Kill is surely my favorite within the series to date. David Mack's first attempt at spearheading a Trek Book proves to be a benchmark in my opinion. I hereby declare myself his biggest fan.

Of course the ending is not like the ending we are currently heading toward in our timeframe: Picard doesn't liberate Tezwa with more WMDs and misguided initiatives. Although he did cause the removal ofthe soon-to-be-dictator and set up a promising peaceful end and new government in Tezwa sans WMD. Mission Accomplished.

George could learn a thing or two from Jean Luc.

Book 7 is an outstanding addition to an already impressive Star Trek series.

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