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09/21/2004 Archived Entry: "The Collected Gothic Nights: A Tale of Scarlet Passion"

The Collected Gothic Nights: A Tale of Scarlet Passion
A rendered concept borrowing from Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's "Frankenstein"
Dramatized by: David Barbour
Scenes by: Timothy B. Vigil
Background Paintings by: Timothy B. Vigil, Adam McDaniel, and Stephen Ryan
Inscribed by: Brent Carpenter
Published by: Rebel Studios

Reviewed by Kathy LaFollett

A werewolf, a Countess Vampire, Baron Frankenstein, angry villagers, retribution, bloodlust, Burgomaster, sex as a powertool, horror, and goth; therein lies the core coolness of Gothic Nights. Every aspect of this comic challenges it's counter to a new strength in timing, layout, syntax and story development.

I cannot say enough about the art. Ink work blessed by the gods and demons alike. ASTOUNDINGLY precise, vivid to the point of insane it pulls the reader in and traps the imagination in a death grip. The dramatization and rework of Shelley's "Frankenstein" gives a sexy new twist to a sexy old twist.

The opening lusty scene grabs the reader by the throat and sets the tone for the rest of the book. You haven't seen or read twisted cool until you've read the first 4 pages of this comic. Our Countess is the lover/mistress/servant of Anton our Werewolf. In the night they meet for a gothic tryst. We are introduced to the scene with a fullpage rendition of the Baroness' Castle. SWEEEEEET. Incredible art. The scene is brought to a climax, literally, as our couple orgasm together as Anton turns at that same moment. A new definition to fetish. What a scene. What a storyline. What a comic.

If you are a horror, gothic comic aficionado, do yourself a favor and GET THIS COMIC BOOK.

A Note from the Editor: We here at J LHLS try very hard to provide links for our readers to buy the stuff we review, if they are so inclined. However, this one stumped us. So, if any of you readers know or find out how to buy this comic, please post that information in the Comments section. EVERYONE will thank you. Thank you. Ed.

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Ms. LaFollett:

A friend referred me to your website saying you had some kind words regarding GOTHIC NIGHTS. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Tim Vigil produced what I still think is his finest work to date and I'm proud to have been a part of it.

If any of your readers are interested, THE COLLECTIED GOTHIC NIGHTS can be obtained at the link below:


David Barbour

Posted by David Barbour @ 01/16/2005 03:56 PM PST

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