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11/09/2004 Archived Entry: "Interview: Esad Ribic"

Esad Ribic, artist for Marvel's "Loki" mini-series and many other comics, in an interview with Ginger Mayerson and Nirut Poonsombat for the Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society.

Ginger Mayerson: I've asked Nirut Poonsombat from Comics Odyssey in Pasadena, California to help me with this interview because I've only recently become interested in your work due to the "Loki" miniseries. What are you working on these days so I can ask Nirut to add it to my pull when it comes in?

Esad Ribic: I just started Silver Surfer 6 issue mini series, I can't really give you any more info about it now.

Nirut Poonsombat: Are you currently reading any comics?

ER: Yeah, ABC line: Promethea and top ten (Promethea is, imho, best Alan Moore work so far), Black hole by Charles Burns and... that's it!

GM: If you're self-taught, please ignore these questions. Where have you studied and would you recommend that training to other artists?

ER: I finished "School of applied arts and design here in Zagreb, Croatia; but I learned much more by working in animation studio(Zagreb film).I did huge amount of backgrounds and animation there and I think it was much better training than any school that was available to me.

NP: Which other artists, if any, have influenced your style?

ER: Moebius and Frazetta during my teen years, so it probably shows the most. Later influences were just incorporated in the mix but they're not very visible(or, are they? What do you guys think? A while ago I read some review of my work and that guy compared it to some names I never heard of) I try not to copy stuff I like so nowadays I look for inspiration outside of comics. Movies mostly.

GM: What do you consider the main positive and negative influences in your development as an artist?

ER: Hm... I don't know,really. I'm lazy; that's negative. Everything else has to be positive, then.

NP: What art medium do you prefer to use?

ER: Gouache, watercolour, tempera. Rarely acrylics.

GM: I'm guessing, but it seems like you've done a lot of life (figure) drawing. Do you still draw from life in groups or workshops or only when you're working?

ER: Not nearly enough ,I'm afraid. Last time I did it was in high school.

NP: How long did it take to do a page of "Loki"?

ER: Anything from an afternoon to a whole week. Two days for average page.

GM: Were the "Loki" pages and covers done in oil on canvas or in some other media?

ER: Gouache, watercolour, tempera. I hate oil, it stinks! It was done on regular Marvel paper, nothing special.

NP: Do you have any favorite writers?

ER: Alan Moore, Philip K Dick, Iain Banks, Roger Zelazny, Frederick Pohl, Neil Gaiman, Michael Moorcock, AleXandro Jodorovsky.

NP: Is there anyone you'd like to work with?

ER: Live ones from above list!

GM: What kind of project would you like to do next? Do you work in other media, like sculpture or installations and is that work in galleries or on the web?

ER: Well, I just started something that I'm thrilled about (look first answer). I never ventured in "fine arts" world, I did some sculpting for my own fun.

NP: What was your first major comic book work?

ER: Four Horsemen with Rob Rodi! Axel was editor too.

NP: How did you like collaborating with Kent Williams on "The Brotherhood"?

ER: It was a thrill, but I don't think it worked well.

NP: What were the inspirations or models for the covers of "Wolverine"?

ER: Wolverine's a bum and that's how he should look. I pushed it as far in that direction as my editor allowed.

GM: The women in "Loki" are lovely. Were there any particular inspiration(s) or models for them?

ER: I don't use models but I use "inspirations" and that's usually people I know.

GM: Do you work with models, figure and otherwise? And if so, do you work with them in the preliminary sketches (if you do preliminary sketches) or all through the process?

ER: No models in any phase, prelims are usually very rough, except when editor has to get approval. Then I touch 'em up a bit.

GM and NP: Thank you!

(And thank you to Callie Burrows at DKC News for putting J LHLS in touch with Mr. Ribic.)

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