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01/13/2005 Archived Entry: "Panel of webcomics non-experts review: Alien Loves Predator"

Alien Loves Predator
by Bernie Hou

Well, I like this strip (it's collage, right, art mavens? [EDIT February 2, 2005: The correct term is Fumetti. Thanks go to Stephen Gerding and his aLp review at 4-Color Comics. Every day I must learn something new.), I think aLp is funny and well done, but I wasn't sure what else to think. So I assembled a panel of webcomics non-experts to give me their non-expert opinions. Many thanks to all who participated. Here's what I got:

"I LOVE AlP. These are the only two guys (or, "guys") who can survive in New York City and make it look hella funny, too. How does the strip's creator manage to make the backgrounds look so good? I'm in awe of his Photoshopping (or whatever he uses) skills.

"Sometimes I think that this isn't a webcomic at all, but a reality show."
Laurel Sutton (Catchword)

"They grow on you. I didn't like it the first time, so I didn't answer, but I gave it a second look and liked it much better. I liked the graphics from the first, but the concept took awhile. I'm not a comix guy.

"So I guess I'd say, if you're gonna publish, beat your brains out to introduce the main concepts in a really catchy way with your best stuff. Once people get hooked then you could branch out. A truism, I know."
John Emerson (Idiocentrism)

"Not my cup of meat, Ginger. Couldn't get past the ballpark panels. So it goes."
Name withheld

"This is one of the funniest web strips I've read in a long term (kind of hard to stifle the laughs at work). I think this guy needs a development deal, except I'm not sure Fox (or whoever owns the rights to these guys) would be so open with their characters. It's too bad. It's fair bet the strip is ten times funnier than that prequel they put out this year." (The Shaterian)

"i thought it was funny, almost cute (and you know i don't do cute). It reminded me very much of 'boondocks' in a couple of places. i love the names!"
lynn loper

"Hi. I just looked at the first page. I liked the art very much, but I just didn't find the words especially funny or clever. And I'm a New Yorker. But then I'm not a big fan of comic strips unless they're political. No need to link, since I haven't said anything especially insightful or earthshaking."
Name withheld

And for those of you webcomic non-experts who'd like to make YOUR voice heard, well, there are Comments. Knock yourselves out. GM

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