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03/06/2005 Archived Entry: "Comic review: The Mystery of Wolverine Woo-Bait"

The Mystery of Woolverine Woo-Bait
By Joe Coleman
Publisher: Fantagraphics
Visit Joe's Site:

Review by Kathy LaFollett

"But there are not many men like myself who could successfully synthesize the courageous dementia of maestro beings like Ed Gein, Dean Corll, Dale Nelson, Peter Kurten, Albert Fish, Edward Painsel. My mentors who conducted private research into their own twisted subconscience...but uncontaminated by the pompous limitations dictated by science, morality, reason and all external authority. Men who let themselves be conducted by the rhythms of their instincts and sexual appetites." (Page 7, The Mystery of Woolverine Woo-Bait)

So spoke Frank as he conversed with the decapitated head of Senator Muro (Muro's floating in a large pickle jar at this point). Senator Muro needs Frank to put his head on a new body. He wouldn't have needed this little plastic surgery had it not been for Frank's brother. But that's a side issue.

Frank is Joe Coleman as far as I'm concerned. And Joe Coleman is the authority on things lurid and twisted.

I have a faint memory of seeing Coleman's pen work as a teenager. I can't remember where or why, but I was smitten with his inkings. Drooling spotches of purposeful intent filling up every available square inch of the paper. His thoughts bleeding, blurring and screaming across the pages. I could study the forehead of one of his characters for hours, the inkings were so finite and demanding. I often wondered what madman could pour that much time and effort into an 8 X 11 sheet of paper.

The same madman that can produce something called Woolverine Woo-Bait. That's who.

Kudos to Fantagraphics for reprinting Woo-Bait and throwing Highay on the back end. This print is a keeper, a talisman to what graphic books CAN be if you dare travel that road.

Do yourself and Joe a favor. Read the last page first though. He was kind enough to put a flashlight inside his head and explain his icons, tokens, talismans, and cameo presented beings. You'll need these Cliff Notes.

Joe Coleman is Dr. Suess on acid. What a trip.

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