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03/27/2005 Archived Entry: "Graphic novel review: Goodbye Chunky Rice"

Goodbye Chunky Rice
By Craig Thompson
Published by: Top Shelf Productions
Visit Top Shelf's Site:

Review by Kathy LaFollett

Chunky Rice belongs on the book shelf next to The Cat in the Hat.

What a sweet, kind, honest and thoroughly expressive trip through life.

Life's chaotic features, both fair and unfair, explainable and not, are given a moment to show themselves. Life, death, friendship, hatred, jealousy, hate, love, patience, fear, joy, loneliness, prejudice, aversion, justice, injustice are just a handful of what you'll find with Chunky Rice.

Truly, this book hides it's own depth and honesty. An adult will have memories come flashing back. A child will empathize and ask questions, a young child will simply admire and love the little mouse and turtle.

An amazing, refreshing and utterly sweet classic. I bought a copy for my nephew. He's 6 months old.

Chunky Rice is a turtle, who is best friends and loves, a little mouse. And now he must go and journey the world. He has no real reason to leave his friend and current life, but is called to travel and sail the sea.

Through his journey we meet characters and moments that open a door to life's many facets.

The art is as sweet and expressive as every character and written conversation. This book should be a classic fable.

What joy and privilege it is to own a copy.

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