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03/27/2005 Archived Entry: "Anime review: Inu Yasha, Season One"

Inu Yasha -- First Season Box Set
Based on the Original Comix of Rumiko Takahashi
Licensed and Published by: VIZ, LLC
For the hardcore Inu Fan who can't sleep for the excitement of it all;

Review by Kathy LaFollett

Inu Yasha takes pieces of Japanese folklore, clever anime practices, and skillfully uses humor and intrigue to set the standard in anime writing, art and tradition. InuYasha is the standard by which all others strive. Rumiko Takahashi has a talented and successful history in Japan with titles including Ranma 1/2, Urusei Yatsura, and the Inu-Yasha television series. A veteran and a talent who's work is impressively gathered inside this box set.

The first season box series of twenty-seven episodes is presented in classical anime artwork. The packaging itself makes a very small footprint on the shelf. One of the past frustrations for buyers were the size of the box sets. Thankfully the Inu set presents with economy, but traditional anime beauty. It's a set any Inu fan will be proud to own.

The first episode of 27 begins with our lead Kagome Higurashi, 15 years old and near the age of adulthood, falls down a dry well. Kagome is transported into the feudal past, approximately 50 years after her ancestor Kikyo imprisoned the half-human/half-demon, Inu Yasha. Kogome becomes the reincarnation of Kikyo, possessing a magic jewel that greatly increases the power of all demons. Kagome-Kikyo restrains Inu Yasha with the help of Kaede, in the process the jewel is shattered. Kagome and Inu Yasha must then ally to find all the fragments.

The beauty of a boxed set is the ability to marathon a weekend through the whole season. I imagine many fans have already done this, and many more are planning the same.

Make time on your calendar before opening this box. You won't be able to watch one episode and walk away that easily. Each episode expertly ends where the viewer would prefer not, thus demanding continued attention. Not a bad place to be if you planned well and haven't forgotten snacks and a drink within reach.

Inu Yasha is my personal favorite because Japanese folklore runs strongly throughout. Traditional lore is kept whole and not dissected for expedient's sake. Japan's history offers such grand stories, it always breaks my heart to see their threads cut short just to make a comic or cartoon move faster.

Excellent anime is a tradition itself, and again Ina Yasha holds true to the medium and art never becoming expected or dull but offering a crisp new vision to a craft already proven.

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