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05/20/2005 Archived Entry: "Comic review: Kiss and Tell, 6 and 7"

Kiss and Tell Issues 6 and 7
Created and Written by Jeff Amano
Pencils and Inks by Craig Rousseau
Colors by Giulia Brusco
Letters by Omar Mediano
Published by Beckett Comics

Review by Kathy LaFollett

The author of this review begs forgiveness for not making the time to buy and read issues 1-5. It's just a damn shame. A Big shoutout to Craig, Guilia, and Omar for extreme comic art. I do enjoy your work.

Kiss and Tell brings us Sam, a 1940's style lead character who seems to have some issues. At least by issue 6.

"Sam's vow has been broken. The first drop of alcohol to ever touch his lips has turned him into an "ordinary bum. Now filled with too much booze, Sam tries to come to grips with his shame by doing the only thing he really knows how to do. Fight."

Gritty, dark, smelly and real.

We find Sam drunk, sitting on the floor with a drinking buddy, at a bar. "Kid" shows up and helps Sam to get his bearings and get out before the cops showup. Can you hear it from the past? "Jiggs it! Da Cops!" Too late though, they find Sam, "kid" and the drinking buddy in the back alley. Six pages of action panels later Sam is standing and the cops are laid out.

"Get OUTTA here, Kid! GO!", Sam yells at kid.

"No Sammy. I ain't leavin witout you."

"Dammit, Kid! Can't you see? You're bad LUCK for me! ALWAYS was! Now GIT!"

Tears well up in Kid's eyes... he bolts out the opening of the wet, dark, dirty alley. Sam hits the bottle.

More scenes of both cops and robbers trying to kick Sam's ass. More scenes of inner demons tormenting a soul that only loved... a woman in Red.

Issue 7

Sam worked for the Mob Boss, Daggoni, see. Daggoni used Dahlia, our lady in Red, to find out Sam's secrets, see. Betrayal.

According to the opening page of Issue 7; day, in stepped Dahlia, and Sam's whole world exploded. Legs that curved around your throat and twisted any good sense right out of your head. And hell, Sam never had any good sense to begin with."

That one line and all the pages of art and one liners and graphic moments of angst has completely sold me on Kiss and Tell. There's an ease about the comic. As though no one had to force a pen stroke, or word out to the paper, but rather it has always flowed from the artist since day one of Sam's conception.

Kiss and Tell would have brought a smile to James Cagney's face, for sure.

One last shoutout to Jeff. Your cover art sets the tone without misleading expectations. Nice.

I love this comic.

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