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06/08/2005 Archived Entry: "Perfume review: 3 Organics from Escential Oils and Lotions"

Specialty perfume blends: Organic Herba Fresca, Organic Coco Coriandre, and Organic Aqua Fioria from Escential Oils and Lotions

Review by Kathy LaFollett

I've never been a big jewelry fan. I only wear my wedding rings. I've never been a perfume fan either. Most scents seemed contrived, chemical, and fake. Like cheap makeup.

I'm still not a big fan of jewelry. But the three specialty blends from have completely changed my mindset about fragrances. After a short time of having them, I feel naked if I don't wear one of them.

Escential's blends are so incredibly organic in nature, that they can only be incredibly organic in presentation.

I've always felt uncomfortable wearing fragrances because they seem an intrusion on other's space. Sure, I may like the smell, but what if the other people in the elevator hate it? And can anyone deny the experience of having an older woman (great-grandma age) walking past them in the grocery store and thinking "Holy hell woman! You smell like a French Whore House!"

So I stayed away from wearing fragrances.

I've been wearing these three particular blends daily since receiving them. Everyday, swapping one for the next. I am a business professional and am out among peers and the general public daily. I have received an unsolicited compliment about these scents EVERY DAY I've been out. And most of those days were multiple compliments. The one comment that was stated consistently was how natural the scent smelled. Like wildflowers and their scent belong in a field, so to Escential blends belong on a woman. They are natural, and compliment the wearer, not overpowering at all. One gentleman even stated the scent was a pleasant surprise, and asked where he could get a bottle for his wife.

Unlike some fragrances where the first hour is an overpowering presentation (as the alcohol evaporates pushing the scent out fast) and dying a weak and somewhat ugly version of itself hours later, Escential fragrance lasts well throughout the day quietly ending as it began; pleasant and complimentary.

Currently I only have 2 of the three blends left. My daughter permanently borrowed the "Organic Aqua Fioria" scent. Flowers and more flowers in that one. She loves it so much her haute fragrances (ie, Chanels etc.) sit gathering dust on her vanity. This speaks volumes here, we are talking about a Louis Vuitton/Gucci/Tiffany/Chanel/Marc Jacobs/Prada girl, turning her back on the very names and houses she worships in her general buying practices.

Which makes perfect scents.

Their website is also a pleasure to use. The navigation and presentation is clean and crisp just as their fragrances. I highly recommend you visit and look around. They have 130 different blends and bases to choose from in the fragrances, and you can literally create your own. They offer skin care, soaps, lotions, oils, aromatherapy in different forms and even products for men. Their prices are shockingly low considering the quality and uniqueness. This is a company and product line that will be around for quite sometime I should think.

I'm an adamant Escential fragrance wearer now, and will be visiting their website to try new blends and other sundries.

Now, if someone would like to send me diamonds or gold jewelry to review, I may change my mind on that subject as well.

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