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06/15/2005 Archived Entry: "Comic review: Putting Another Dark Cloud in the Sky"

Putting Another Black Cloud In The Sky
Angst Boy Comics # 7
Story and Art by: Karl Christian
Published by: Angst Boy Comics
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Review by Kathy LaFollett

The whole is more than the sum of it's parts. Every part of the whole of this issue resonates. I love the stickers on the front and back, the binding is perfect. It seems so careless and flippent. The inkings are strong, sharp, fast and borderline doodled. As though the artist has a hard time keeping up with his thoughts.

The whole package screams, "QUICK! Look at this before I forget what I was saying!"

A read through gives another part of the whole. Our cynical, sarcastic, confused human subject who hates people, and yet hates not being around them. Or maybe not; truly not even the therapist is sure about that one.

Deeper almost directly in the middle of the book we find a page spread that is the core of the problem, the flashpoint to the angst that is our subjects bane. Death. Someone died, maybe.

Concrete graphics leave no concrete information. Issue 7 does what the best graphic novels/comic books do; it enables the reader to understand the feelings of the characters, not necessarily the reasons for those feelings. We are able to completely empathize with a drawing.

Now THATS comic book excellence.

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