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06/17/2005 Archived Entry: "Adult Comic review: Ménage à Trois, Number 1"

Ménage à Trois 1
By various artists
Published by Eros
← See the Note at the end of the review if the words are too blurry. ED

Review by Ginger Mayerson

Well, I've had this comic on my desk for months now and, as part of J LHLS's ongoing commitment to public service - "We read these things so you don't have to!" - I guess it's time to review it.

The section I liked best is by Sandra Chang, who has a series of Alice in Wonderland parodies in various Eros comics. This one is "Animae Anodyne in Wonderlustland 2," and is it ever. As you can see, she's at the Mad Tea Party and it just gets wilder from there. No bestiality, all the action is with Animae, the Mad Hatter and a rather dishy stand-in for the March Hare, which is why the Dorm mouse in the lower right corner feels this comic is unfair to furries. Whoever said anything was fair to furries?

I liked the drawing in "Animae Anodyne..." best of everything in this issue. I spoke to Sandra Chang at Wizard World LA last March and she said she kept running out of ideas for this comic. One would never image that that was ever so with this comic. It seems quite full of ideas; it even gave me a few ideas.

Roberta Gregory's contribution, "Elsewhere," is a tribal three way. A shaman and shamaness (sp?) dress up as animal spirits and show a fasting, presumably peyote eating seeker of wisdom a good time. And have one themselves in the process.

Unfortunately "Ménage à Trois 1" goes rapidly downhill for me after this. I complained to an artist who draws erotica about the lack of subtlety and what I consider sexy in the seven Ménage à Trois books I've seen, and was told that the "mouth-breathers" do not pay money for subtlety and what I consider sexy, and that the mouth-breathers are the main consumers of the Eros list. Capitalism. Oh well. Anyway. Onward, but I'll be brief:

"Three's Cumpany!," by hero patriot Rodger Wormburper of "Ménage à Trois 6" fame. Cute and cartoony. The husband wants to add a tall woman swinger to their happy marriage and the wife isn't so sure. The moral of the story, and in the immortal words of Mr. Spock: Be careful what you ask for, you might get it.

"Three, The Perfect Number," by Marco Turin. This comic didn't make much sense to me and I disliked the drawing. I also found the ending very confusing. I don't know what it says about me that I can't understand a badly done porno comic, but there you have it. (By the way, this is the first comic in the book, I feel that's a bad place for such a weak offering. One should start these things off with a bang, so to speak.)

"425," by Philo. Future porn. Anybody remember in "Logan's Run" where Logan dials up a date and she materializes on the transporter pad or whatever it was? This is like that, only messier, much much messier. I'm sure the mouth-breathers love it.

I'd like to take a moment to ask you all the think positive thoughts for the Eros editor. That has to be one of the most thankless jobs in the universe.

Okay, time's up.

Note: If you can't read the panel above, (and I had to look at the comic book to write this) here's what's there:

Bottom left corner: After being freed from the window (Footlicker 1), Anodyne is invited to the Mad Hatter's tea party.

Mad Hatter: "Let's play truth or dare."

Dorm Mouse (lower right): "This comic is unfair to furries."

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