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07/21/2005 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Yellow, Volume 1"

Yellow, Volume 1
Story and art by Makoto Tateno
Published by Digital Manga Publishing (better view of the artwork on this link)

Review by Ginger Mayerson

This book is the manga version of "Starsky and Hutch" if they were both prettier and Starsky was gay. No, really, that's not exactly what this is, but that's the general vibe I got from it. The heroes are named Taki (straight guy) and Goh (gay guy). They are "drug snatchers," which seems to mean they steal drugs from the Yakuza, but don't exactly turn them over to the police. They turn them over to a local café owner, who gives them tips on where to find the drugs to snatch. Well, anyway, as odd as that sounds, the plots are actually well done and make more sense that the preceding sentence or two.

There's a lot of sex in this book. It seems like every drug-lord mob boss has a 15 or 16-year old boy-toy that Goh is boffing in his spare time, which is copious. Taki is more amused than appalled by this. Taki is also more annoyed than outraged when Goh turns his smoldering charms on him. Or jumps him, which happens now and then. Oh, and they live together. And nothing is going on between them. Yet. For now. Yeah. But, hey, this is only volume 1.

It's delightful. Lots of action, lots of snappy repartee, lots of sex, and more sex, have I mentioned the sex? Great art and a cool translation. You can just hear Starsky, I mean, Goh, yeah, Goh sweet-talking those chickens into bed. Yay!

As usual, the production values on this DMP title are outstanding. DMP manga are slightly larger than the usual format, beautifully bound, crystal clear reproduction, and a lovely dust jacket on each and every book. Digital Manga Publishing, it's wonderful.

Note: I don't know when Amazon will update their information, but this book is available now, not in 1-3 months.

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