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08/07/2005 Archived Entry: "Adult comic review: Sticky 3"

Sticky 3
Story by Dale Lazarov
Art by Steve MacIsaac
Published by Eros

Review by Ginger Mayerson

Sticky 3, in fact, all the Sticky comic books, are master lessons in storytelling. There's not a word of dialogue and the narrative is perfectly clear. I used to hang around USC film school (looking for the next George Lucas's student film to score) and one of the students (whose film I did score) told me that the example her teachers used for non-verbal narrative was "Witness," where the most important action has no dialogue. If you haven't seen "Witness," well, try to; it's worth whatever effort you have to put into it. If they teach non-dialogue narrative in sequential art classes, these Sticky books could be their textbooks. Heh.

The Sticky 3 narrative moves right along: two hunky guys meet at a Halloween party and go home together. They don't bake cookies when they get there either, they have lots of hot and safe sex and might even have fallen a little in love by the last page. I know, hopeless romantic, c'est moi.

As Lene T says in her review of Sticky 3, these are the most sex positive comics she's seen lately. I couldn't agree more; no one is a victim or abused or humiliated or anything I found creepy in this or other Sticky comics. Gay anal sex is always graphically portrayed with a graphically portrayed, highly visible, unmistakable condom, and all the other sex is low or no risk. (I know there's a debate about how safe oral sex really is, but even the very cautious Dr. Rodgers has it on the low risk side, and a lower risk than unprotected anal or vaginal sex.)

The Sticky comic books might not be for everyone, but no one can ever say they're not extremely well done in all respects. Or, I suppose, one could say that, but then I'd have to explain to one in detail, possibly even with a PowerPoint presentation, why one would be wrong about that. Don't make me get out the projector, pal.


Sequential Tart had the above image on their interview with Dale Lazarov and Steve MacIsaac in the July 2005 issue. We thank them, because we sure couldn't find it at the Eros website. ED

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Please, do begin the presentation :)

Posted by Dale Lazarov @ 08/12/2005 07:09 PM PST

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