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08/12/2005 Archived Entry: "Perfume review: Escential Lotions and Oils Perfumes"

Escential Lotions and Oils Perfumes
Specialty perfume blends - White Flower, Plum Blossom, Sensuality, and Suede

Review by Kathy LaFollett

This is my second review of Escential products, lucky me!

White Flower is a fresh, VERY light fragrance. It's a perfect for applying after a shower right along with your lotion. At least that's what I do. Feminine and clean I'd consider it a summer fragrance to be sure.

Plum Blossom is a very unusual spiky scent. Pop open a can of Fresca, stick you nose in the opening just as you open it. The carbonation tickles your nose while a burst of citrus fills you senses. THAT'S Plum Blossom. Itís a great scent for work. Polished and attractive and the aromatherapy side wakes you up in a way.

Sensuality is a VERY sexy smell. I think there's patchouli oil in there. It's a deep, musky, almost pheromone in tone. Reserve this for romantic dinners and the bedroom. Definitely wear this if you are currently hunting a certain someone for a relationship. You'll get his attention.

Suede is a fabulous bright men's scent. Itís strong, masculine and splashy. There's a tone of humor and outdoorsy expression in the immediate application, with time the scent turns subtle and quite intriguing. I gave this to my husband. He's not allowed to wear it to work, but I thoroughly appreciate it when he wears it at home.

As always Escential's blends are so incredibly organic in nature, that they can only be incredibly organic in presentation.

Unlike some fragrances where the first hour is an overpowering presentation (as the alcohol evaporates pushing the scent out fast) and dieing a weak and somewhat ugly version of itself hours later, Escential fragrance lasts well throughout the day quietly ending as it began; pleasant and complimentary.

Their website is also a pleasure to use. The navigation and presentation is clean and crisp just as their fragrances. I highly recommend you visit and look around. They have 130 different blends and bases to choose from in the fragrances, and you can literally create your own. They offer skin care, soaps, lotions, oils, aromatherapy in different forms and even products for men. Their prices are shockingly low considering the quality and uniqueness. This is a company and product line that will be around for quite sometime I should think.

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