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09/04/2005 Archived Entry: "Comic review: The Gimoles, vol. 1"

The Gimoles, vol. 1
By Mike Bullock and Theo Bain
Published by Alias Comics

Review by Kathryn L. Ramage

Gimoles, noun, (gimímoles) 1) Tiny green elves responsible for creating the season of spring.

The above definition, taken from the title page of this new childrenís comic, neatly describes the featured characters. The Gimoles live underground during the winter, keeping busy with embroidering the leaves and painting the flowers to bring their handiwork out in spring. This has been their job since time immemorial, until one year, when a terrible thing happens.

Ichabod Cornelius Frost, the master of winter and villain of this story, has kidnapped Mr. Groundhog -- whose appearance on February 2nd, as we all know, presages the coming of spring, and therefore sets the Gimolesí work schedule for the next six weeks. Without Mr. Groundhogís appearance on Groundhog Day, it seems there can be no spring at all, which is just as Frost wants it. As Frost himself says (and he actually lets out one or two MWA-HA-HAs of evil laughter as he explains his fiendish plan): "Thereíll be no more Groundhog Day... Thereíll be no more Summer Solstice... In fact, from now on... there wonít be anything but frost!"

This interruption of the regular cycle of seasons will throw off the delicate balance of nature, and someone must put a stop to it. The only way to do this is to go to Frostís palace at the foot of Mount Winter, turn off his ice machines, and rescue Mr. Groundhog. Two young Gimoles volunteer for this daunting task: the brash and adventurous Limmy and his sister Nina. As the first issue ends, Nina has already broken her arm, leaving Limmy to get past the ice trolls that guard Frostís palace and go inside by himself.

Itís difficult to assess a comic from its first issue alone, but the story so far seems charming, and the mythology of the seasons -- as we glimpse it briefly when the Seasonal Council meets -- is interesting: in addition to the villainous Frost, there is a fiery red master of summer, and the rather withered-looking Niffles, who manage the creation of each year autumn just as the Gimoles create spring.

(Not a clue how you get this comic. It's published by Alias, but doesn't appear on their website. Nor is it easily found in the Runemaster store [at least it eluded this editor]. Best bet is to contact Runemaster Studios and inquire. ED)

Replies: 1 Comment

I think any comic where the brother and sister team are the good guys is a winner.

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 09/04/2005 01:11 PM PST

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