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09/16/2005 Archived Entry: "Anime review: Girls Bravo 2"

Girls Bravo Vol. 2 DVD
Distributed by Geneon

Review by Tom Good

In the universe of Girls Bravo, whenever Yukinari opens up a door without knowing what is on the other side, he always discovers a room full of naked or scantily clad girls. Then Kirie yells at him for being a pervert, and she beats the tar out of him. (Maybe he should learn to knock.) Miharu, an alien girl from the world of Seiren, and the only girl Yukinari is not physically allergic to, stands around being cute, sweet, and obsessed with food. Occasionally she makes conveniently sexy mistakes with Earth culture, such as when she wears a maid's apron with nothing underneath because she saw it in "one of Yukinari's magazines."

In this set of episodes, agents from Seiren try to bring Miharu back, Miharu's big sister wants a husband, and a school science experiment accidentally creates hundreds of Miharus. On a technical level, this DVD has a lot of good qualities: a sharp picture, vibrant colors, easy-to-read subtitles, and good English voice acting. Even the odd vocal delivery of the eccentric Fukuyama resembles the Japanese original. The DVD also contains a gallery of line art and the "original ending," though this is not a different conclusion to the plot, just a different ending credit sequence. And the soft-rock music that goes with the ending credits is strangely catchy and fun.

But Girls Bravo suffers from a flawed set of characters. Kirie's defining characteristic is impulsive violence. Yukinari happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, whereas Fukuyama really is an aggressively lecherous guy, but Kirie treats them both exactly the same: she viciously attacks them again and again. The violence is not wacky enough to be funny, and it does not really make sense, so it just feels wrong, like Charlie Brown kicking Snoopy. It might work better if Miharu were the violent one. After all, she comes from another world where women vastly outnumber men, so cultural norms could be different there. Because Yukinari and Miharu are both so passive and Kirie is irrational, minor characters like Fukuyama and Miharu's sister wind up stealing the show.

The story works best when it goes completely over the edge into all-out silliness. When an accident creates hundreds of Miharus, they terrorize the town, eating up everyhing in site, and someone screams, "they've become mindless eating machines!" Fukuyama has to save the day by dressing up as a giant banana. This part is really funny, and it makes episode 8 the best one on the disc.

Also of interest, Tom Good's review of the manga "Girls Bravo, vol 1" at J LHLS M and E. ED

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wat is girls bravo 2 is going 2 be about anyways

Posted by sakuya @ 11/03/2005 11:19 PM PST

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