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09/26/2005 Archived Entry: "Manga review: War on Flesh, vol 1"

War on Flesh, vol 1
Story by Justin Boring and Greg Hildebrandt
Art by Tim Smith 3
Published by: TOKYOPOP

Review by Kathy LaFollett

War on Flesh is the Voodoo Curse of a witch doctor named Ew Chot Channy. Ew Chot, like any evil servant of Satan, is eager to see the living harnessed as the walking dead. What better way to mock God himself than to permenantly store all of mankind in the container of the living dead? He unleashes an army of Ew Chot Hornets to raise this army of walking dead.

Ancient history tells of Sergot, the leader of a tribe aware of Ew Chot and determined to stop the War of Flesh. He gathers his best men and sends the strongest of his warriors to kill Ew Chot and the minion of walking dead he has already cursed. Through the death of Ew Chot the curse is temporarily paused as the very soul of that voodoo incarnation is planted in the heart of a small boy and carried to the future through the lineage of children and his children's children.

"And thus begins a declaration of war on the living, a war on all souls, and a war on flesh!"

War on Flesh delivers the essence of black voodoo with violent and raw graphics depicting the stereotypical expectations to satanic ritual, murderous minds, and general evil towards the living. Many nasty scenes of oppression and torture drive the superior evil of Ew Chott home to the reader.

The curse, that age old evil incantation based in reality, movie and voodoo itself is used again within the pages of WOF. Night of the Living Dead, et al meets Pet Cemetary.

Chapter One is gruesome and you will cringe and have a time reading the text and taking in the graphics. Extreme content. Any Extreme Manga lover will find a grand entrance of the macabre.

Volume One delivers Manga Horror via Black Magic, and does it well. As always Tim Smith 3 proves why he's a Fan Favorite in the TOKYOPOP creatives.

Replies: 1 Comment

It does my 'ole Black Heart well to read that someone abosolutely get's what my story is all about! Long live LHLS!

Posted by Justin Boring @ 10/25/2005 09:39 AM PST

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