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11/06/2005 Archived Entry: "Book review: One Little Sin"

One Little Sin
By Liz Carlyle
Published by Pocket Books

Review by Lynn Loper

I have one of those history major's problems with "One Little Sin".

Someone in the book mentions wondering if Wellington will resign, which places it between 1828 and 1830. And Lord (or maybe Sir; he's called both in the course of the book) Alasdair MacLachlan, who is Scottish, lives in London. I wonder why? I wonder if he would have been entirely welcome in London at this time? I know Scotland and things Scottish became popular during Victoria's reign, but she didn't ascend the throne until 1837.

And if he was welcome, would it have indicated that he was the lapdog of the English nobility, and if that were the case, would the lovely young Highlander Esmée Hamilton ever have set foot in his house?

I might be wrong about this, and invite anyone who knows more Scottish history than I do to correct me.

I have to say that Liz Carlyle doesn't bludgeon us with the "These people are Scottish!" club more than she has to: one Gaelic line early in the book, and a few comments on their Scottish heritage, and she lets it lie there unless it's mentioned in context. She doesn't bludgeon us with much, really. The characters aren't terribly deeply written, but they don't seem like terribly deep people, so it works out all right.

The characters are no more evil and no better than most people we meet every day, working out problems (adultery, getting jobs, getting married) that we might actually encounter someday. There are some pretty dresses, some pearls, and a bratty little girl (I think her brattiness was meant to be charming; I didn't find it so). No one is frighteningly beautiful or abysmally evil.

All in all, this book was like taking a nice vacation from your brain, and a lot cheaper than a cruise. If you have to read a romance novel, read this one.

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