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04/16/2006 Archived Entry: "Industry news: Only the Ring Finger Knows novels and other DMP news"

Only the Ring Finger Knows novels and related news
Published by Digital Manga Publishing

Report by Ginger Mayerson

Sometimes you can get what you want and what you need.

In 2004 I read Digital Manga Publishing's "Only the Ring Finger Knows" and have never been the same. At the end of the manga, there was this note from the author of the novels, Satoru Kannagi:

"If there are those of you who are curious about these two and the progress of their relationship, please do checkout the novels as well."

Novels? Novel PLURAL? What NOVELS? From then on every review I read or conversation I had seemed to end with this thought:

"Gee, if only we could read those novels, we'd attain enlightenment and transform this mortal plane into a paradise." Or something like that.

Well, DMP was listening, they even put up an online petition and I've no idea who many signatures it got, last I can remember it was over 4,000 cybersouls willing to shell out for The Novels. Et volià! Last year at AnimeExpo it was announced at the DMP panel that The Novels, at least the first one, would be published in May of 2006. They must have caught a tail wind, because it was actually published in mid March of this year.

And, y'know, even I wasn't disappointed. For those of you who've read the manga, those well drawn smooches get a whole other dimension in prose, and the end of the second novel is worth the cost of the book. We waited a long time for it, it's not graphic, but it's so in character with the overall tone of the manga and novels, I'm here to tell ya, it was worth the wait.

And there's more good news, but I'll let DMP tell it:

Ginger Mayerson: How many more "Only the Ring Finger Knows" novels can we look forward to? And do you have a timeframe for them?

Digital Manga Publishing: There are 3 novels total. The remaining two, The Left Hand Dreams of Him and The Ring Finger Falls Silent, will be released later this year.

GM: Were there any hitches or odd incidents in licensing and publishing the book?

DMP: One funny story, we are so used to designing our books backwards, in the traditional Japanese format, we almost put the cover on the back by accident!

GM: Is this, to your knowledge, the first yaoi novel published in English?

DMP: TokyoPop published the Gravitation novel first, but they didn't count it as yaoi. So... I guess this is the first.

GM: Is there going to be a manga for "The Lonely Ring Finger"?

DMP: Not that I know of. The Only the Ring Finger Knows Novel was released in Japan back in 2003. I think we would have seen the continuation of the series by now if it was going to be more than one volume. The standard is no more than a year between volumes. Sorry!

GM: Is the book getting reviewed and how are the reviews running?

DMP: The book has gotten a couple of reviews on fan sites such as AnimeOnDVD. Overall, they are really positive and encouraging. We have also gotten a lot of fan email asking us to release more novels.

GM: Will DMP Books be focusing strictly or more exclusively on yaoi manga and novels from now on?

DMP: Not exclusively. Our Juné line will be entirely yaoi manga and novels, however, we will still be releasing mainstream titles under DMP books. We actually have some exciting things in the works for Summer and Fall 2006. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!


And for those of you who, like me, like Satoru Kannagi's writing and Yukine Honami's art, there IS something else to look forward to:

Written by Satoru Kannagi and illustrated by Yukine Honami
Rated 16+; MSRP: $12.95 October 25, 2006

Katsura, a second year in his high school's archery club, has a hard time controlling his nerves. His "secret weapon" is his brother's best friend and childhood buddy, Sou! One hug from Sou and Katsura's nerves are soothed to a peaceful calm. But he can't keep Sou around him forever. As he wonders how he'll survive without Sou's hugs, his friend Kouichi suddenly asks if he can be the one to save him, and kisses him! What now?!

This lighthearted yaoi tale combines the story telling of Satoru Kannagi, the genius behind the best selling Only the Ring Finger Knows, and the artistic talent of Yukine Honami, the illustrator of Sweet Revolution and Desire. DMP Books Press Release, March 23, 2006

This is especially cool for me, because it's not that I didn't like the art in "Only the Ring Finger Knows," but I liked the art in "Desire" better (although I had some issues [here and here] with the storyline in "Desire," I really liked the art).

And finally, I'd like to welcome Rachel Livingston to Digital Manga Publishing. She succeeds Isaac Lew, who could never be replaced, and will be making her debut at AnimeExpo this year. J LHLS wishes her success and happiness in the wacky world of DMP fans, aficionados, dilettantes, and those who defy category (like me!). As much as I will miss Isaac, the ever patient and wonderful Erica Jeng is still around and that takes a lot of the sting out of it. Thank you to Rachel and Erica for answering my questions for this article. See you soon.

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