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05/29/2006 Archived Entry: "Comic review: Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?"

Will You Still Love Me If I Wet The Bed?
by Liz Prince
Top Shelf Productions

Review by Tom Good

"Always two there are, no more, no less. A master and an apprentice." -- Yoda, in Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace

Liz Prince may not literally be Jeffrey Brown's apprentice, but her free, spontaneous black-and-white style noticeably resembles Brown's. Her book also contains a one-page introduction by Brown, in which he says her comics are "kind of what I try to do . . . Except cuter, and funnier, and without all the wallowing in self pity" In contrast to the struggles and disappointments that make up Brown's Every Girl Is The End Of The World For Me, Prince's comic shows a selection of moments in a happy relationship.

The book consists of a series of single page, four-panel comics. They do not tell an ongoing story except in the sense that all of the episodes occur in one couple's relationship. Though each one might be too minor and short to qualify as a story, taken as a whole they do give a sense of the couple's style of interaction, which is very cute. If you like Jeffrey Brown's comics, you will probably like this. If you like Brown's drawings but find his material too serious, this might be just the thing for you. I thought it was fun.

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