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07/15/2006 Archived Entry: "Revessay: Fullmetal Alchemist -The Conqueror of Shambala"

Fullmetal Alchemist: The Conqueror of Shambala
Distributed by Funimation
Theatrical release: September
DVD release: Not long after that.

Review by Ginger Mayerson

I've been trying to figure out a way to let y'all know how unspeakably cool I am because I saw the FMA movie two months before it hits the theaters. Yeah, me and the three thousand other people at AnimeExpo, and they seemed to understand it better than I did.

Don't get me wrong, I really liked it. I have a crush on Ed, Al is cute, Roy Mustang is hot, etc. My own personal problem, and no reflection on the anime, is that, as of July 3, 2006, I'd only seen about ten episodes of FMA. I'm remedying this as I write, I'm all the way up to Ep 20 (Al is screaming at Ed about killing people to create the Philosophers' Stone [and I think the guy voicing Scar in Japanese voiced Batu in Ghost in the Shell 2, mmmmm]). Anyway, even though there were events and characters in the FMA movie I didn't understand, there were also a few things in it I recognized just fine. Like, Hitler, Fritz Lang, Munich, and the Beer Hall Putsch. (You can look up Hitler and Munich your own selves.)

I'm still trying to get over Hitler in anime. Thank the Elvis he didn't have any lines, that would have killed me.

So! Here's the deal, IF you are blessed to know why Edward Elric is in Munich in our timeline two days before the Beer Hall Putsch, then you're lucky. Not that not knowing diminished my pleasure: it's pretty and the action is nice, but, even without the cheering and screaming from the rest of the room, I felt I was missing something.

And then I was still reeling from Hitler in anime. Fritz Lang, well, okay, but why not Einstein and Wittgenstein or even Richard Strauss?

Speaking of Einstein, there is a hint in the FMA film that Edward ends up working on the atomic bomb with technology from Shambala. Well... hokay, but I just can't see Ed in a lab coat murmuring "Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds." Sorry, I just don't see it.

Of course then after FMA I would wander into a showing of the restored "Gojira" just as Dr. Someone was giving a big speech on the power of atomic science. So between Hitler in anime and Godzilla, I was really getting a weird history lesson at AnimExpo this year. I must say that the FMA movie didn't pull any punches about what the Nazi party was, is and always has been about. I have to wonder what lovers of fantasy will make of the history in FMA movie since the point of fantasy is to get away from less pleasant aspects of reality. I'd love to know what the writers were thinking; couldn't they have dropped Ed into China or India or Paris or London? I mean, I can see Ed swanking around with Raymond Radiguet or someone like that. But, no, it was Munich. (There's probably a damn good reason it's Munich that completely escapes me because I'm only at Ep 20, but there you have it.)

Let me close by saying that I had a great time at AnimeExpo this year, thank you again for the press pass, guys. Thank you making ADV or whoever that was turn their sound system down this year. Last year the decibel level in the exhibitor hall probably qualified as a human rights violation. And, Chase, I'm sorry I yelled at you last year, I take it all back: SPJA and BAM are sehr wunderbar.


Also related to AnimExpo 2006, please see the Interview with Izumi Kawachi and Only the Ring Finger Knows Novel, Vol 2.

The ever helpful Wikipedia on all things FMA.

Also according to Wikipedia and somewhere else I read (corroboration, hey) that Wittgenstein was in the class two years ahead of Hitler at the Realschule in Linz.

Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds. J. Robert Oppenheimer.

Well, there goes Tokyo: Gojira.

Mmmmmmm, Raymond Radiguet.

Edit: Oh dear, oh my, I found somebody who has more issues with FMA movie than I do. Spoilers and bad attitude galore. Proceed at your own risk. Eeek.

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