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08/13/2006 Archived Entry: "Manga review: Enchanter, Vol. 1"

Enchanter, Vol. 1
by Izumi Kawachi
Digital Manga Publishing

Review by Tom Good

Haruhiko is a student who has fallen in love with his beautiful teacher Yuka. Then a woman named Eukanaria who looks a lot like Yuka (but dresses much more provocatively) descends through a magical portal and into his life. Haruhiko may be getting nowhere with Yuka, but Eukanaria definitely wants his body. The bad news is that she is being pursued by demons, and she wants his body for a supernatural experiment that does not sound especially safe. She offers sexual favors in exchange for his cooperation, but will he agree to become a raw material for her magic?

Enchanter sets up a funny counterbalance between its two main characters. Eukanaria reminds Haruhiko of Yuka, but in turn Haruhiko reminds Eukanaria of a man in her life. He is attracted to her physical charms, and she wants to use his body for sorcery. They have to work together and protect each other from their common enemies, but the real question seems to be whether they can learn to respect each other and become more than reluctant allies.

This book is filled with flirty pinup style art, which is inspired (according to some supplemental material) by the author's "older-woman fetish." Eukanaria looks great, so poor Haruhiko really has to struggle to avoid temptation.

I liked the way the story flowed swiftly from one situation to the next, never letting up in its pace. The large variety of cinematic angles and points of view in the art also helps to create this dynamic feeling. Though Enchanter uses many familiar fantasy and romantic-comedy elements, the consistently high-quality presentation brings them to life. It reminds me of hearing a great musician play the blues: you may not be all that surprised by the next chord, but it still sounds great. Enchanter was a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to the next volume.

See also: Interview with Izumi Kawachi by Ginger Mayerson

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