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08/21/2006 Archived Entry: "Book Review: Inheritance"

Inheritance (DC Universe)
By Devin Grayson
Published by Warner Books

Review by Logan

DC Universe: Inheritance
by Devin Grayson

I picked this book up because I'd heard there were some gay undertones contained within. While reading the book I came to this realization: Green Arrow is a big gay homosexual. I always thought that the handlebar mustache and that feather in his cap implied a flamboyance of sorts. In this novel, though, the author takes GA's questionable sexuality a bit further.

The book revolves around a fictional country and an assassination attempt on its president and his son. The key players that get involved are Batman/Nightwing, Green Arrow/Arsenal, and Aquaman/Tempest. Each section of the book explores the back-story of each sidekick. We learn how each sidekick came to deeply depend on their mentor/older male figure. These twisted hero/sidekick relationships yield messed up kids who grow up still seeking the approval and acceptance of their mentors.

The relationship covered in the most depth is that of Green Arrow and Speedy (who becomes Arsenal). Speedy turns to drugs as a substitute for the attention he never gets from Green Arrow. The unspoken tension between these two is high throughout the book. (Maybe some sexual tension, maybe not.)

Most of the characters have a straight cover story (Batman was banging Catwoman, GA and Black Canary were doing the nasty, etc.). However, the subtext is heavy on the deviant, codependent relationships between these older men and their young wards. Then there's the not-so-subtle hints that GA is a big ol' gay. (click through for examples of GA's flirtation with men.)

Overall this was amusing to read for the gay subtext. But, the over-arching plot is booorrrring. I mean, seriously. You put 3 of the most well-known hero/sidekick pairs together 20 years later and all you set them up against is a band of Middle Eastern rebels trying to overthrow a fledgling democracy? Holy literary tedium Batman! The author should have set these three pairs against some real villains and then explored what happens to the warped codependencies. Would the former sidekicks finally give in to their angst and turn on their mentors in the heat of battle? Maybe the mentor heroes would sacrifice themselves to protect their beloved wards. Now, that would be a fun book to read.

GA starts off the book hanging out at a bar. (maybe a gay bar???)
Ollie stuffed the cell phone into the front pocket of his jeans and, still lounging comfortable on his bar stool, smiled roguishly at the young, muscular blond tending bar, signaling him over.

Exchange between Aquaman and GA:
"Your boy's looking good," [Aquaman] commented ...

"Yeah he is, isn't he?" Ollie sounded pleased. "That kid's always been a looker. They all are. No wonder people like to speculate."

Arthur frowned slightly as Ollie laughed.

"I meant he looked healthy," Arthur clarified.

"Oh yeah." Ollie was undaunted. " I meant the hero-sidekick thing, how everyone assumes we're doing dirty things with these gorgeous kids in the --"

Arthur used his most regally authoritative voice to cut his friend off. "I know what you meant."

While riding passenger on Nightwing's motorcycle:

Ollie was surprised to feel Nightwing's gloved hand cup his knee..

GA on Batman's first encounter with Dick Grayson:
Green Arrow climbed off the back of the bike and gave Nightwing's shoulder a quick, parental squeeze. "One look into your baby blues and I'm sure [Batman] didn't care what the hell you could do."

After GA knocks out a water tower drenching Nightwing:
"Thanks for the shower." Nightwing frowned at Green Arrow, taking his boots off one at a time to shake the water out of them.

"That wet hair thing really works for you, kid. You look like the cover of a romance novel," [said Green Arrow.]

Replies: 1 Comment

Yup, that's pretty gay. Good for DC!

Posted by Ginger Mayerson @ 08/21/2006 03:59 PM PST

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