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09/07/2006 Archived Entry: "DVD review: She's the Man"

She's the Man
Director: Andy Flickman
Studio: Paramount Home Video

Review by Logan

I recently watched "She's the Man" on DVD. The most important thing to know about this movie: Channing Tatum is one hot piece of man meat. Second, Amanda Bynes was cute and endearing in her role. Third, I think I'm in love with a boy whose name starts with "Ch" and ends with "anning".

She's the Man is a remake of Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. I didn't know that when I rented the movie, but quickly realized something was up. See, there are these two twins Sebastian and Viola. Viola decides to dress up and pretend to be her brother so she can prove herself in a boy's world (i.e. on the soccer field). It's not long before there are crazy mishaps, near-miss revelations of the secret identity, and lots of twisted love triangles.

Here's how the confusion sorts out:

Duke likes Olivia. Olivia falls for Sebastian who is really Viola. Viola falls for Duke, but is pretending to be Sebastian so she can't tell Duke. Olivia feigns an interest in Duke to make Sebastian (who's really Viola) jealous. Monique is the real Sebastian's girlfriend who twin sis Viola hates. Viola as Sebastian breaks up with Monique. The real Sebastian comes back, also dumps Monique, and gets together with Olivia. Viola eventually gets caught playing Sebastian and Duke feels betrayed and lied to. Eventually Duke gets with Viola, Olivia and the real Sebastian hook it up, and Monique is escorted to the ball by Duke's best friend, who questionably might have a thing for Duke. (Ok, maybe that last bit is me reading into the script.)
I was amazed at how much I liked this movie. I only rented it so I could ogle Mr. Tatum and his shirtless torso. The first ten minutes of the movie took some "readjustment" on my part. The cheesy teen idol dialogue paired with the MTV music video montage that comprises every other scene is a little stomach-churning at first. But then the Shakespearean topsy-turvy begins and the movie becomes quite enjoyable. I laughed out loud a number of times, and even rewound a few scenes to watch over. (Ok, I admit most of these rewind/rewatch episodes involved my hunky boyfriend-to-be.)

Amanda Bynes was adorable as Viola, and as Sebastian. Her wacky facial expressions and attempts at being jocky as Sebastian were adorable. She's also pretty sexy in a slinky dress as Viola. David Cross plays a hilarious role as the dorky yet understanding school principal. Vinnie Jones (who some of you may remember as Juggernaut in X3), does a nice job playing the tough on the outside, soft on the inside soccer coach.

As I mentioned, I did laugh out loud a number of times. (Just ask my roommates, they kept checking in to see what was so funny.) While the movie was generally quite amusing, there were two hilarious scenes. One takes place in the gym with Duke and Sebastian (who is really Viola). At one point they hug and Sebastian's hand slips down onto Duke's ass. The resulting homophobic awkwardness is actually quite amusing. Just following the hug, Duke (aka my future husband Channing), executes a flawless slapstick attempt at being suave to impress Olivia. Finally, there's a fight scene in the girl's bathroom that leads to one girl actually clotheslining another girl. That's right, a girlfight clothesline. Awww yeaaaahhhh!

If you can reset your movie tolerances and overlook the music montages, then you will enjoy She's the Man. It comes in right about 100 minutes, so it doesn't get too bogged down by trying to explain the complicated and lengthy Shakespearean plot. It's short, cute, funny, and full of sexy young stars. Especially Channing Tatum.

Replies: 1 Comment

I really enjoyed this movie as well, and heck i Channing Tatum ever sexy!! but what i would really like to find out is what kind of dress is Viola wearing at the end of the movie to her debutaunte thinger?!?! can anyone help me out?

Posted by stephielou @ 09/22/2006 10:06 PM PST

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