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10/30/2006 Archived Entry: "Book review: Only the Ring Finger Knows, vol 3"

Only the Ring Finger Knows, vol 3
By Satoru Kannagi
Translated by Duane Johnson
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.

Review by Ginger Mayerson

I love these novels... I love these novels... I love these novels... I love these two novels (actually, they're novellas if that applies) that make up OTRFK 3 - "The Ring Finger Falls Silent" and "Your Confession in Both Hands" - very much. These titles puzzle me a little, they're so much more lurid than what goes on in the books, but that didn't interfere with my enjoyment of the stories. Nothing could interfere with my enjoyment of these stories. And just to prove how tough I am, I have "Apocalypse Now" going in the background and it's not even interfering with my enjoyment of writing this review. Because... I love these novels... They make me happy.

The Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc. has done their usual stellar production job on this book. It's close to three hundred well-bound pages, has beautiful color front and back covers, two lovely color illustrations and a generous amount of wonderful black and white illustrations throughout the book. As usual, the illustrations are by the incomparable Hotaru Odagiri. I also love the translation and editing. Not only the biggest, but also the smoothest read of the books so far. I was only jolted out of the story a few times when the scene shifted suddenly, but I recovered easily, because... I love these novels...

I'm also very fond of Rachel Livingston of Digital Manga Inc., and she agreed to a little email interview:

Ginger Mayerson: Did OTRFK 3 fly off the shelves, as they say, at Yaoi-Con this year?

Rachel Livingston: Yes! We sold every single copy of the book that we brought. And we had a lot of unhappy fans that didn't make it to the dealer room early enough to grab a copy.

GM: I salute you and DMI on the translation and editing of this title. Were there any particular heroes or outstanding events involved in producing it?

RL: Our production staff really stepped up the plate for this one. Novels are totally different from manga and there is a pretty steep learning curve when it comes to the editing and translation. A big thanks to all the fans who stayed with us through our growing pains.

GM: Now that's I've read Rin! I'm even more in love with Satoru Kannagi's writing. Are there any other Satoru Kannagi novels out there DMI and Juné might do America a great cultural service (or at least a great cultural service to moi) by publishing in English here?

RL: Novels in general have done really well for us. So we do plan to add more to our release schedule in the future. You will have to keep an eye out for announcements to see if there are any Satoru Kannagi titles...

GM: I loved the writing on "Time Lag." Are there plans for any yaoi novels by Shinobu Gothoh? Or any other authors in the yaoi genre?

RL: We do have plans for more yaoi novels. We recently announced Ai no Kusabi at Yaoi Con 2006.

GM: After reading "Time Lag" and the OTRFK novels, I'm more impressed with Hotaru Odagiri's artwork. Doesn't matter who the writer is, it could be Colonel Kurtz for all I care. Are there any more manga with her artwork in the DMI and Juné pipeline?

RL: I will see what I can do.

GM: I'm still bummed I wasn't quick enough about getting a con rate room this year and missed Yaoi-Con. Because I live to be in with the in-crowd: did I miss anything I should know about?

RL: You missed Toko Kawai in a lovely kimono. Actually she doesn't like wearing western clothing. So she draws manga while wearing a kimono. Other events that were spectacular were of course the 801 Media Inc panel and the June by DMP panel (shameless plug!).

GM: Thanks, Rachel!

Only the Ring Finger Knows, Volume 1 - Only the Ring Finger Knows
Only the Ring Finger Knows, Volume 2 - The Left Hand Dreams of Him

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