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12/03/2006 Archived Entry: "Book reveiw: May Bird: Among the Stars"

May Bird: Among the Stars
By Jodi Lynn Anderson
Published by Atheneum

Reviewed by Kathryn Ramage

This is the middle book of a trilogy, a charming but quirky children's story about a little girl named May Bird, from Briery Swamp, West Virginia, who has been transported into the Ever After, the land where dead people go, except that May is still living. (This happened in Book 1, which I haven't read.)

This second book in the series follows up on May's adventures in the Ever After as she tries to find a way to go home. The Lady of the North Farm, a mysterious Mother Nature-ish figure who is known for her "Acts of great kindness and similarly tremendous nastiness," has summoned May to her with to ask something of her; she also has it in her power to grant May's wish in return.

The friends May accumulated in the first book accompany her, including Somber Kitty, a balding cat whose dialog consists entirely of "Meow," which can mean a multitude of things. Along their journey to the North Farm, they visit several strange and funny ghoulish places like the Carnival the Edge of the World. The Ever After is an extremely punny place: a town May and her friends pass through promises a Charbucks and Skullbuster Video, and the theatre is showing Tomb With a View. They also have some harrowing escapes from dangers. May not only flees from the Bogey who pursues her from the first book, but also encounters a new and deadly foe: Commander Berzerko, who also happens to be a cat--the cutest, fluffiest widdle kitty ever seen.

When she reaches the North Farm, she finds that the Lady has an especially dangerous errand for her, one that concerns the fate of Ever After. And will May be able to return home afterwards, if she is successful? Well? we'll see.

Meanwhile, as May works to come home, Mrs. Bird back in West Virginia mourns the loss of her missing child and begins a search to find May, which leads her into the very swamp where May disappeared.

It's a book I think children of around 9 or 10 would enjoy, but this grown-up found it an amusing read.

Replies: 2 comments

uhm.. can anyone tell me where could I buy this book(may bird among the stars)?? I have read the first book and I really want to know what will happen to her.. will she return to her home or not? ohh.. please tell me where could I buy this.. thanks!

Posted by Resha Mionette @ 12/19/2006 10:58 PM PST

If you click on the cover or the title link it takes you to

We always put purchasing information on our reviews or an explanation of why we couldn't.

Posted by Ginger @ 12/20/2006 11:09 AM PST

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