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12/13/2006 Archived Entry: "E-book review: Eternal Darkness"

Eternal Darkness
Edited by Rob Knight
E-book published by Torquere Press

Review by Lynn Loper

'Eternal Darkness' is a collection of stories about vampires, with a nice little twist: they're all gay and they're all blind. And they all have sex a lot, so there's the porn element.

The sex is well, workmanlike. They get right to it. All the parts fit into the right slots; every story includes everything you might want to read about. Or do.

But the stories, and the'd think that a gay, blind vampire would have led a different, more dangerous, more exciting life. Even the one who was born a slave and buried alive has settled into a nice vampiric middle age with secure investments. They have nothing better to do than cruise bars and coffeehouses, and they're always waiting for that One True Love, the guy who wanders off with them and is willing no, eager to be Changed, and live happily ever after.

There seem to be no disadvantages to this sort of life, except for one story's description of a vampire's slow disintegration over time. I subscribe to the more traditional view: you're alive, or you're dead (and I believe in an afterlife, so that colors my attitude) or you're Undead, and Undead isn't a place where you want to be.

In short, these authors have taken an interesting idea and made it kind of mundane. Become a gay blind vampire, live a life of luxury, do whatever you want, die eventually watching your mutual funds compound their interest. Feh. My suggestion: if you want vampires, watch the 1931 'Dracula', the one without the soundtrack.

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