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12/14/2006 Archived Entry: "Anime Review: Trinity Blood: Chapter 2"

Trinity Blood: Chapter 2 (DVD)
Trinity Blood Website

Review by Tom Good

"Thinking of things is your strong point. My strong point is not thinking of things." -- Trinity Blood, Chapter 2

Trinity Blood seems designed to confound our expectations. The post-apocalyptic future looks a lot like the past. The Pope is a child, and priests can be robots or vampires. The hero, Abel Nightroad, acts like a bashful geek most of the time -- when he isn't transformed into a terrifying killing machine. And the sexiest character so far is a nun.

Sister Noelle is drawn like a stripper whose nun costume is destined to be on the floor within minutes. Yet she also has the power to see feelings "in the way most people see colors" and track where people have been. In the English dub, Christine Auten gives Noelle a pleasantly sultry voice, but also conveys her thoughtful and sensitive sides. This makes her relationship with Abel Nightroad convincing and interesting, as well as funny. The skillful balance in this performance is just one reason why I enjoyed Chapter 2 even more than Chapter 1.

In Episode 7, "Never Land," flying fairy creatures attack shipping lanes off the coast of Albion. Their base is an island full of children, created by a menacing-looking scientist named Professor Barrie. This is a reference to J. M. Barrie, author of Peter Pan. But in the Trinity Blood version, Wendy and Peter are the tragic, suffering creations of the twisted Professor, who was "performing illegal experiments." In this world, the Island of Lost Boys resembles the Island of Dr. Moreau.

This is a clever and darkly funny episode, and one of the best line readings comes when an outsider sees a group of flying fairies and prepares for battle, saying simply, "Fairies . . ." But this word is said as if it names the most loathsome, treacherous thing in the world. That single word made me laugh out loud. Of course, it is also hard to resist lines like, "Tinkerbell coordination system, activate!"

Chapter 2 has the same great visuals that made Chapter 1 such a treat, along with more character development and humor. I would definitely recommend this DVD and this series.

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