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02/14/2007 Archived Entry: "Manga review: Rin! volume 2"

Rin!, Volume 2!
Story by Satoru Kannagi
Art by Yukine Honami
Published by the JunÚ Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.

Review by Ginger Mayerson

I'm in
Love with

Since the Rin! 1 review it's all gotten even more innocent, not to mention cuter. Katsura and Sou are still in the first rush of innocent love, although Sou would understandably like to be a little less innocent. That Katsura "has to mentally prepare" himself for anything more vigorous than a snuggle with Sou, well, that's Sou's problem and hopefully writer Satoru Kannagi will work it out for all of us. Very soon.

I like Kannagi's stories, but, Lawdy, no one ever gets laid in them. Well, in the manga stories, at least. Readers of the "Only the Ring Finger Knows" novels know that Kazuki finally gets some well-earned action with Wataru, and just when I was about to despair.

My hero, artist Yukine Honami, who can make the most offensive things cute (see the "Desire" review) is less coy about the boy on boy action. When I said things are more innocent in volume 2, I meant it. Apparently Honami thought there was only one volume of this title (not three), and added a smoldering powerful understated sex scene as her afterward to volume 1. Alas, if you were expecting more of such Sou/Katsura action in volume 2, well, get over it. Hopefully, we, and Sou, will get some hot Katsura lovin' in volume 3. Anyway, that's what I'm hoping for.

My needs aside, this is another charming book from the JunÚ list at DMI. Kannagi and Honami are my dream team for manga. Honami's elegant line is a sweet match for Kannagi's gentle story. The story hangs on the trials and tribulations of the archery club, and in this volume there's a little more background (and foreground) on archery, which I enjoyed very much. For instance, we learn that "Rin" means strength and has something to do with Zen or archery or both. If that was in volume 1, I, for one, totally missed it. No real villains in this book, but Sou's super-patient rival for Katsura's affections, the sleek and blasÚ Kouichi, is cat-like alert for any cracks in their romance. Heh heh heh, lotsa luck, Kouichi, I say. Oh, and there's some angry kid who hurts Katsura's feelings, but his reasons for being cranky were almost credible, so I had to give him a pass.

Even thought not much happens, you get enough character development, yearning, and Sou being very manly - oh la la! - to keep even jaded creature like myself happy. Recommended!

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