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03/17/2007 Archived Entry: "Manga review: J-Boy by Biblos, Volume 1"

J-Boy Anthology, Volume 1
By Biblos
Published by the Juné Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.

Review by Ginger Mayerson

I love anthologies! I wait breathlessly for the Small Press Expo antho every year. I worshiped Robot. I loved the first volume of Flight enough to be disappointed in volume 2 and 3. And I thought True Porn and Boy Trouble, #5 were the bees knees. Give me anthologies, collections, compilations, readers, chrestomathies, albums, analecta, compendiums, digests, selections, omnibuses and I am a heppy kat.

So you can just imagine how happy I was to get my paws on J-Boy by Biblos, volume 1.

J-Boy is a wonderful, pretty, sexy, funny, raunchy, and touching book. (No, not that kind of touching, stop thinking like that.) Let me take it in order:

Wonderful: It's huge! A walloping 343 pages, 19 stories worth of fun fun fun. And the pages are tinted different colors, which is a nice touch.

Pretty: There's a wide range of art in the BL/Yaoi style I've come to know and obsess on. It's all pretty.

Funny: "Neko Samurai - Ocean of Barrier" by Kyushu Danji, being about a 30-year old male virgin looking for a sugar daddy, is one of the funniest stories in the book. Followed closely by "Getting Along" by Nanao Okuda, a story about a rabbit-boy living with a Doberman-boy. No, I don't really understand the human-critter hybrid theme in yaoi, but those stories in J-Boy were the funniest. The high-school ghost story, "Go! Conflict Management Unit" by Tsubaki Mikage, was a riot, too.

Raunchy: In "Loving Boys Boarding School," also by Kyushu Danji, one character goes from having the spiritual name of 'public toilet' (because he's open for public use) to 'straight man killer,' which really needs no explanation. Lots of sex in this boarding school, and highly amusing as well.

Touching: "The Pale and Wavering Sketch," by Waga Sagami is a sad story with a happy ending about an artist having problems with his art, who goes to see his old teacher and finds his teacher's son instead.

Alas, due to the Biblos bankruptcy, there will be no more J-Boy anthologies and this is a helluva shame. I found a few new-to-me creators in this anthology that I'd like to see more of and changed my opinion for the better on a few I'd read before. So, even though you can only get one volume of J-Boy, I highly recommend it.

And just because I'm nice, here's the TOC:

"Indecent Encounter" by Haruka Minami
"We Will Love" by Kana Mizuki
"Go! Conflict Management Unit" by Tsubaki Mikage
"The Pale and Wavering Sketch" by Waga Sugami
"The Summer and the Nostalgia" by Yukimura
"The Proper Way to Raise a Pet," by Ruiko
"Pretend Lovers 'Secret slave'" by Showoto Aya
"Getting Along" by Nanao Okuda
"We Have a Hero in Our Hearts" by Terako Tsukimoto
"Spiteful Cooking" by Naduki Koujima
"Neko Samurai - Ocean of Barrier" by Kushu Danji
"The Troubles of Kurashina Sensei" by Natsuho Shino
"Thief x Thief" by Homerun Ken
"Our Relationship" by Naduki Koujima
"Loving Boys Boarding School" by Kyushu Danji
"Here in Magic Land" by Hirono Suzuhara
"Rabbit Ear Kindergarten" by Yogorota Kame
"Shadows of the Forest by the Quiet Lakeside" by Sakyo Yozukura
"Here in Magic Land" by Hirono Suzuhara

Get your copy today!

Replies: 1 Comment

well i want to say i loved this book
and i wanted to now if i there was an actual whole magna book or volumes on decent encounter cuz it was my fav and i would love to read more on it also on the rest of the stories as well but especially on indecent encounter thnak you

Posted by amalia @ 04/02/2007 12:23 PM PST

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