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04/15/2007 Archived Entry: "Yaoi review: Sky Over My Spectacles"

The Sky Over My Spectacles
By Mio Tennohji
Published by the 801 Imprint of Digital Manga, Inc.

Review by Ginger Mayerson

Digital Manga has decided to get in on some of the "No Minors Allowed" yaoi action with their new imprint, 801. Well, okay, I haven't been a minor for a while now, so I'm probably up to speed for reviewing at least one of their titles, "The Sky over my Spectacles." Fanboys and minors, avert your eyes.

There's a lot of sex in this book and it moves right along. Not that I'm an art expert, but I am becoming a connoisseur, so I feel confident in saying that the art in this book is really good. The plots are fine as vehicles for the sex, which is more than I can say for most American comic porn. The main story is about a young man who has a thing for girls wearing eyeglasses, and then falls in love with a bespectacled boy. There's a twist worthy of a 1940s romance in this story, but I won't ruin it for you. The pages are well laid out (no pun intended), the boys are cute, and there's at least one admirable girl and no creepy ones. There're scattered moments of angst, but no rape. Although 801 is using the standard manga format, whish is smaller than their DMP Books and June imprints, the book still has the same stellar production values, including sturdy binding, a full-color dust jacket, and full-color first page of two very cute boys before the table of contents. The price has gone up to $15.95, which Be Beautiful has proved is what the market will bear and will also keeps this book out of the hands of minors. What mom is going to pay $16 USD for a comic and not look at it first? Of course, when I was a girl, I got my gay porn via mail order, bypassing Mom completely. So, okay, this isn't going to deter the determined, but it might help. However, looking back, this book is much better than the smut I was reading in the 70s, so a discerning reader would probably choose "The Sky Over my Spectacles" over "Rod Rocket Meets Peter Pole" or whatever it was, which, now that I think about it, had no pictures, grammar, or charm. Where was I? Oh, yes. "The Sky Over my Spectacles" has charm and for $15.95 you get a lot of book. There are four stories in 187 pages of art, character profiles and afterward. And if you really want to be old fashioned, you can buy your copy mail-order.

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