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04/30/2007 Archived Entry: "Short story review: The Hustler Prince"

The Hustler Prince
By Lee Benoit
Published by Torquere Press

Review by Lynn Loper

This is a nice little romance. Gay Martin and his apparently-straight but beloved wife Doria visit Cuba: she has an academic conference and he's doing research.

And before they're fairly off the plane, they're both putty in the hands of Alexei, the Hustler Prince. Alexei is a charming young man with some dark memories of persecution by the Cuban government, a brother who longs to get out of the country to study, a friend who can provide just the information that Martin needs, and a great body. Did I mention the great body yet? A great, freely available body. And he and Martin are in love before you can blink.

In Cuba, there's dancing and sex, the beach and sex, showers and sex. Doria (who is the only false note in the story, nearly saintly) figures out a way to get Alexei's brother to Spain to study, another ingenious way to get Alexei's friend to the U.S., before they even leave the island.

Doria and Martin go home to the cold gray U.S. And within a few months, Alexei is out of Cuba and in Pittsburgh, and Martin speeds there to rescue him from a bureaucratic nightmare of a halfway house. Alexei will be able to resume his engineering education, Doria is pregnant again and will be getting Alexei's friend to the US before long, and Martin is in heaven.

A nice romance. Not anything likely to happen in real life, but sweet and almost gentle. There's enough detail about Cuban life to make it interesting, and the characters are well-developed. I recommend it.

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