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06/12/2007 Archived Entry: "Comic review: Super F*ckers #4"

Super F*ckers #4
by James Kochalka
Top Shelf Productions

Review by Tom Good

In my review of Super F*ckers #2, I said that it made Beavis and Butt-head look like Shakespeare. I'm not sure where to go after that analogy except to say that Volume 4 is just like Volume 2, only with more unbearably stupid urination scenes. At least Kochalka's other work makes it clear that this book is stupid on purpose, and that he is capable of much more worthwhile creations like American Elf.

I suppose Super F*ckers might be intended as a tribute to the type of immature drivel that the craziest, most annoying kid in your 5th grade class would have drawn on notebook paper instead of doing his homework. But rather than transcending that, it is just the exact same thing, only published on nice paper. The best -- no, I mean the only remotely amusing moment in Volume 4 is when the clone of a dead character announces he is going to dig up his original body in order to use his own skull as a bong.

It baffles me that this book exists at all. Even more inexcusable is the fact that it is part of a multi-volume series. Please don't compound the problem by buying it. Buy one of the American Elf books instead.

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